Off with your head, baby

By Steve Woodward

The American Left expects citizens to harbor permanent outrage about the pro-Trump, pro-election integrity gathering in Washington on January 6, 2021, as if we’re to forget the role of China’s bioweapon that spawned a fake pandemic that derailed our economy and normalized election fraud.

Yet, less than three years later, it demands that we also must appease pro-terror, pro-massacre enablers in a geographic footprint called Palestine who openly celebrate exterminating Jews and fein disbelief that Israel would retaliate on behalf of its slain brothers and sisters (and their decapitated infants).

As it turns out, hating Israel is a global phenomenon (after recent protests in Madrid, Paris and other European population centers). On American university campuses and the streets of our already crime ravaged cities, Hamas terrorists who invaded Israel and exacted a death toll that surpasses 1,400 innocents, including U.S. citizens, are celebrated under the thin guise of pro-Palestine “demonstrations”. These disturbing protests are not Palestinian pride demonstrations; far from it. These are full throated displays of pent up hatred of Jews and their homeland, Israel.

A group of Jewish students at a New York City university escaped into a library behind a locked door. But Cooper Union College campus security did not seek to protect them by dispersing “Save Palestine” protestors nearby. The Jewish students were merely encouraged by a librarian to hide “upstairs”, out of sight. (Anne Frank chronicled what it felt like to be hunted in a similar manner in 1940s Nazi Germany).

A pro-Palestinian rally in Washington Square Park, near (New York University’s) campus, featured a demonstrator with an antisemitic sign reading, “Please keep the world clean”, reported The Times of Israel. (October 26, 2023)

And, after years of hand wringing about a so-called swarming of the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, apologists for the Left in the corrupt news media barely batted an eyelash when defiant young protestors occupied the very same Capitol (the rotunda of the Cannon House Office Building) as recently as October 18 because they’re worried sick about the fate of defenseless Palestine residents who cheered the slaughter of defenseless Israelis on October 7.

Ultimately, more than 300 were arrested for illegally demonstrating and three people were charged with assaulting police after protesters descended on Capitol Hill to call for a cease-fire, reported the Associated Press. But what will be their fate? What punishment will they receive? The arrested were summarily released, other than the trio who were held pending a court appearances. They’ll likely be fined, or merely admonished.

Contrast this measured response with the plight of American citizens held in Washington, D.C., jails, and other jail cells, with no court dates pending, for months after January 6. Often they were held in solitary confinement. After all, they also were “unvaccinated”. Hopefully, history will record how the fundamental rights of these decent people were trampled by corrupt courts. Remember Joe The Plumber who confronted Barack Obama? Today, these same “Joes” are sent to prison.

Yet, they are the lucky ones compared to those sentenced to insane prison terms for the sin of being physically present on that bleak January day. The longest sentence was handed down to one who was not present — Enrique Tarrio. The Proud Boys leader is sentenced to 22 years for seditious conspiracy. He watched January 6 unfold from Baltimore.

The mother of a U.S. military veteran gunned down at close range by a Capitol police officer on January 6 was arrested on the two-year anniversary of her daughter’s murder for the crime of protesting on a Washington street.

Now, consider an even more stark contrast: A trial under way in Denver in which an activist Leftist judge is hearing from lawyers representing six citizens who seek to remove Donald Trump’s name from the 2024 Presidential ballot in Colorado, using a flimsy 14th Amendment interpretation strategy. In opening remarks, a Trump loathing attorney tried to make a case that January 6 would never have happened minus Trump’s role as a catalyst via his social media posts calling for “violence”.

This exercise would be hilarious as a desperate act of “lawfare” were it not, like so many ongoing show trials targeting Trump’s destruction, made to seem so feverishly legitimate by a compliant, Trump loathing media. Fortunately, the lawyer defending Trump was defiant in his countering, opening remarks, during which he dismissed the trial merely as a weak attempt to embellish now exiled Liz Cheney’s contrived “January 6 Report” that emerged from made-for-TV proceedings orchestrated by a Hollywood producer. Her January 6 commission desecrated the U.S. Capitol much more deliberately than a few hundred energized Americans posing for selfies that day.

We have arrived at a crossroads. Moral equivalence — a favorite cautionary buzz phrase on the Left — is turned on its head. Israelis must die but Hamas-ruled Palestinians must live. Trump supporters must be eviscerated, silenced, marginalized but kangaroo courts must be normalized in direct defiance of the will of our Founders. The Left is King George III; MAGA is the Continental Congress of 1775. The former heeds that we back down, the latter replies, bring it on.

Bring it on, Hamas. Bring it on, special prosecutor Jack Smith. Bring it on, New York district attorney Letitia James. Bring it on, and watch what happens in November 2024 when American voters turn out in numbers that will defeat the Left and even the margin of election fraud.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the globe on October 30, and he spoke the words of a leader who knows well that history is being made before our eyes. The divine providence he references is directed toward Israelis and defenders of their homeland and basic human rights. But he also echoes the determination of those who fight in America every day to deflect the destructive aims of the Marxist Left.

“This is a time for war. Today we draw a line between the forces of civilization and the forces of barbarism. Israel will stand against the forces barbarism until victory. Israel’s fight is your fight. Israel’s victory will be your victory.”

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