Moore deceit

By Steve Woodward

Members of the Moore County Board of Health and its interim director, Matt Garner, are living in a parallel universe where it is still the year 2020, which would be laughable were it not so dangerous.

The board’s Moore Together campaign — promoted on its web site, in a poorly produced video and on Facebook — recommends continued reliance on experimental mRNA shots created by the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex, along with their so-called “life saving” boosters. The campaign is even sustaining the long debunked narrative promoting mask efficacy and social distancing.

The campaign is not a product of meticulous independent research and consultation with scientists and physicians. (When, if ever, has the board consulted local virologist Nixon Ellis, an early critic of school lockdowns?) Instead, it does nothing more than parrot the discredited Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which historians will record sought to control minds rather than outcomes and failed to prevent a lengthy list of unintended (perhaps) consequences by infringing on medical liberty and medical practice autonomy.

The health board and its empty initiatives reflect dereliction of duty on an order of magnitude. But it goes beyond that. They are duplicating a global propaganda campaign that has cost young healthy adults their well beings and, in thousands of cases, their lives.

In the face of alarming evidence that these experimental jabs do not prevent illness and do not strengthen immunity, while they do cause sudden death and debilitating injuries such as myocarditis (see the definitive book, “Lies My Govt. Told Me“, by Dr. Robert W. Malone), our county board of health is playing along and promoting a status quo burned into the minds of millions by Dr. Anthony Fauci and his collaborators around the world.

This is it’s advice in 2023:

“Viruses like COVID-19 and the flu mutate over time. After you have had the initial vaccines (one shot if you had Johnson & Johnson, two if you had Pfizer or Moderna), it is important to continue to receive boosters to combat new strains of the virus. While we do not know for sure (emphasis added), it is very likely COVID-19 boosters will become an annual recommendation just like the flu vaccine (because the pharma industry says so).

“COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective for almost everyone ages 6 months and older (emphasis added). Side effects (if any) are generally mild. If you have a pre-existing condition or other concerns, talk to your doctor. While vaccinations may not prevent your getting COVID-19, they have been proven effective in reducing the severity of the disease, hospitalization, and death. If you have had COVID-19, the current recommendation is to wait 90 days after testing negative before getting a booster.”

Contradictory data and reporting is readily available, of course, and has been going on two years. Malone, Dr. Joseph Mercola, independent journalists Alex Berenson and Dr. Naomi Wolf (author of “The Bodies of Others“), and Steve Kirsch, founder of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation, have rebuked Faucism time and time again. The Brownstone Institute, Children’s Health Defense and the FLCCC Alliance web sites are a living archive of research materials exposing one of human history’s darkest chapters.

Become informed. Then become engaged. Contact Board of Health director Garner: 910.947.1663. Demand accountability.

Myocarditis as cause of death across all ages who are vaccinated (Mercola)

FDA, Pfizer knew mRNA injections cause teen myocarditis (Wolf)

Taiwan study: Heart symptoms spike after second Pfizer mRNA jab (Berenson)

Immune systems under siege in boosted (Berenson): “Too bad we didn’t work on that before we stuck a billion-plus people with mRNA.”

Lax standards the norm for COVID drug approvals (Brownstone Institute)

mRNA shots increase risk of contracting COVID-19 (Cleveland Clinic/The Gateway Pundit

COVID gaining resistance to Paxlovid miracles drug (The Plague Chronicle)

“Died Suddenly”: The Documentary Film of a Generation (Matthew Skow/Nicholas Stumphauzer). Click to view.

New book: “Pfizer Documents Report: What Pfizer, FDA Tried to Conceal” (Amy Kelly). Click to order.

Equally egregious, the Moore Together campaign makes not one mention of combating flu and respiratory illnesses by strengthening one’s immunity, or how to achieve same. You will find zero mention of highly effective supplements such as Vitamin B, C, D; Quercetin; turmeric; and zinc. There also is zero guidance about what to do when testing “positive” for a variant of the Wuhan Virus (aka, COVID). No mention of therapeutics like Ivermectin.

Instead, we are directed to “isolate, wear a mask (and) … get lots of rest.” A passing reference to the option of taking an “antiviral medication” can be found. If you ask most physicians, they will suggest Big Pharma’s COVID offshoot revenue stream (second only to potentially deadly mRNA shots). It’s marketed as Paxlovid. It has been a $10.6 billion flop. In fact, as evidenced by none other than President Joe Biden’s COVID bout last summer Plaxovid causes a bizarre “rebound” effect. He was positive. He was negative. Oops, he was once again positive.

Writes mRNA creator Dr. Malone, the worst case scenario attached to Plaxovid came true: “Viruses resistant to Paxlovid are spawned, the virus population explodes and then the ‘rebound’ effect is observed – only this time with Paxlovid resistant strains.” Don’t take his word for it, Malone adds:

“Paxlovid manufacturer Pfizer and the Food and Drug Administration have both acknowledged reports of rebound COVID-19 cases associated with the drug.”

Moore Together is merely peddling 2020 logic to those who insist on running out to have a virus test when they feel a tad unwell, and who accept all positives, false or not. It’s surprising they have not adopted the annoying 2020 “Stay Safe” salutation as a tagline.

Here is our advice in 2023: Stay informed.

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  1. Thank you for your article. I resent Moore County Board of Health spending my tax dollars for this Moore Together booster campaign, which I have seen on TV.

  2. Hello again from the UK

    Thank you yet again, all good stuff. I have attached links to a previous comment I have made to you on another post of yours but you might appreciate this main link with its various sub-links including the Covid 19 Summary which I produced in October 2020.

    It contains various sub-links covering the various issues. Some were added after October as and when I got round to completing them.

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