Merry but wary

By Steve Woodward

The most wonderful time of the year also is a time to be wary. Very wary. In these waning days of 2022 forces on the Left are racing the clock to impose their will on a distracted citizenry.

It’s happening in Washington and closer to home in North Carolina. Nefarious actors are bad enough to begin with, but we should resent them even more when they hijack the Christmas season. And they do, boldly.

The lame duck, Democrat-heavy state Supreme Court has been working feverishly on three fronts: To empower activist courts and judges in the arena of gerrymandering; to directly stomp on the will of citizens who favor a requirement that voters present ID at polling stations; and to declare, once again, that a districting map (for state Senate races) is unconstitutional and racially biased.

The court is sledgehammering away knowing that Republicans assume a 5-2 advantage in January. The current Democrat foursome, including race-baiter Anita Earls, delight in forcing the next court to toil at undoing what they’ve done in 2022.

In Washington, the Swamp is celebrating the Christmas season the only way it knows how — by defying America’s Judeo-Christian values at every turn. The Biden Administration is backing legislation named after Civil Rights era champion John Lewis that would once and for all eliminate proof of identity as a requirement for voting in elections, even though numerous states require voter ID by law. North Carolina voters approved enshrinement of voter ID in the state constitution, which is viewed by the left as a worthless piece of paper. They further exposed their disdain by allowing activist courts to neuter it. Trying to bury voter ID once and for all, the state Supremes on December 15 voted 4-3 to overturn the law. The will of state voters expressed in 2018 is now formally denounced.

Rep. Dan Bishop (NC-09)

Back in D.C., our very own Congressman Dan Bishop, who represents Moore County until January, introduced a counter to the John Lewis bill, entitled, The Combat Voter Fraud Act. Bishop’s radio ads correctly point out the absurdity of conflating voter ID with racism and hatred (as Biden’s public remarks infer), while dismissing the fundamental right that our elections be fair and untainted by fraud.

Meanwhile, the state Supremes also bickered about state Senate maps currently in place but the bigger story on re-districting and so-called gerrymandering (map drawing) is unfolding inside the U.S. Supreme Court, where a 6-3 conservative majority reigns (thank you, President Trump). The SCOTUS is expected to vote in June 2023 on the merits of Moore v. Harper. The Harper supporters in the case make a truly absurd argument: that it’s dangerous to abide by the U.S. Constitution, which holds that state legislatures control the time, place and manner of Congressional elections (for U.S. House and Senate). Their side says courts — such as the N.C. Supreme Court — should intervene as necessary (as in, when Democrats are powerless to draw the maps).

Opines The Wall Street Journal in an editorial, “A Judicial Coup in North Carolina”, “Who better represents democracy in North Carolina — an elected Legislature, our four state judges who flip their judicial logic when it suits their partisan ends?”

Perhaps the only more egregious case of year-end subversion is the one tied to a pair of Republicans rather than Democrats. Namely, North Carolina Senators Richard Burr (retiring this month) and Thom Tillis (elected in 2020 with four years to go). These brash Swamp creatures decided to stuff our Christmas stockings with enormous middle fingers. They joined 10 other Republicans whose votes ensured passage of an act codifying gay and interracial marriage into law. 

See our breaking news in the latest Moore Liberty Digest (December 20) to better understand at least one reason why Burr and Tillis were undeterred and unafraid to betray fellow Republicans.

So have yourselves a merry little Christmas, and be sure the egg nog is heavily spiked.   

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