Make or break

By Steve Woodward

Let us begin a post-Christmas review of the condition of our great United States by remembering something that is important. Jesus Christ as an infant was not wrapped in Gore-Tex, and his parents were not offered free breakfast in the Bethlehem Hampton Inn. 

In other words, as we await the arrival of 2022, the year that will make or break us as a nation, we probably should drop all pretense that the next 11 months will be business as usual, cozy and well-nourished. We can knock on our neighbor’s doors but we will be called upon to kick in doors that separate our citizens from free and fair elections. Any Republican, even a fence-sitter, who is counting on business-as-usual has not been paying close enough attention. This will not be an election based on substance. It will not be enough to attend fundraisers inside gated communities to drop off $1,000 checks (but please do). This will be an election in which we engage using Guerrilla warfare. Blazers off, gloves on. 

We are facing a brutal year in defense of a basic presumption of freedom. Of course, we will get out of the vote. We know how to do that. But the challenge is to become confident that when the vote comes out it has not been compromised to the point that we will have toiled in vain. 

In the months ahead, our mission is not familiar. It’s a new calling. A patchwork of well funded organizations that are not tied to ideology will be working night and day to compromise the American electorate. Our foes do not care to go head to head on progressivism over Capitalism. They’ve long ago decided that they are unconquerable. They will win by sending so many votes into the ballot boxes and voting machines that no withering Conservative realism can prevail. The votes that count will be the votes that THEY count. It’s Stalinism, writ large. 

Their voters no nothing of low unemployment, upward mobility, freedom of expression, unlimited possibilities. They are instead attracted to no employment, confined mobility, freedom from responsibility and unlimited entitlements. These parasites live among us in the United States, but they shun unity and are decidedly un-American. They might well be huddled masses longing to be free, but their longings are readily bought and paid for Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. They’ll gladly take that over freedom. 

This is a harsh pill to swallow for many Republicans. We might have to scuff up our loafers. Things might have to get messy in 2022. The throngs assembled in Washington on January 6, 2021, might not have been large enough to take on the enemies that lay before us. But let us be clear. We do not win by storming buildings. We do not win in the streets because that is where the Left would be delighted to engage us. We win by allocating resources wisely and combating their endless networks of well funded community organizers with benign sounding titles. We win by overthrowing Marxist school boards and progressive village councils, such as those in our backyards here in Moore County. We topple these tyrants as a step in the right direction, then watch the dominoes fall from coast to coast.

We win by doing all of things we’ve always done — precinct meetings, county and state conventions, poll watching — as a minimum. But, it is time to acknowledge that these old school commitments are inadequate. The Left mocks these because it mocks the tenets that define us as Americans. So very racist, sexist, homophobic. We are accused of protecting election integrity to protect white supremacy. 

Of course, this presumption is as false as a COVID-19 positive test. The speech that launched the political career of Ronald Reagan was girded by a timeless line, that “ours is a time for choosing.” Yes, our time is that time.

He gave that speech in 1964 but did not see it through until an eight-year presidency beginning in 1981. Today, we face a time for choosing. We should not calculate the consequences of failure to make the right choices using months or years. Indeed, we might not live to see the fruits of our labors in 2022, but labor we must. As Reagan said, we are the last best hope for man on Earth. It was as true in 1964 as in 2022. But less reassuring, perhaps.

We are fighting the evil of the Left on every front. In courts. In classrooms. In the digital universe of public opinion. We are further surrounded by forces wishing to compromise the integrity of every aspect of the electoral system, from registration, to campaigning, to voting and counting. 

Please prepare your hearts and stir the smoldering embers in your souls to ignite a fire within as we enter a crossroads for American liberty. Let us pledge to stand shoulder to shoulder, as many of us did one year ago on January 6, 2021, to ensure that the radical Left is destined for the ash heap of American history.

Be uplifted by and act upon the words of English philosopher John Stuart Mill, who in 1867 proclaimed:

Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing. He is not a good man who, without a protest, allows wrong to be committed in his name, and with the means which he helps to supply, because he will not trouble himself to use his mind on the subject.”

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