Trump’s thriving presidency

President Donald Trump is an unconventional president. He does things that even some of his supporters don’t like. However, it pays to remember that’s why we elected him in the first place. Our country is facing huge challenges and conventional, establishment politicians haven’t gotten the job done. Change is needed.

During the first seven months of President Trump’s term, media coverage has been overwhelmingly negative. It is no exaggeration to say that the mainstream media are intent on forcing him from office, which would be a disaster for our system of elected government. The Democratic Party is overwhelmingly opposed and unified in its all-out resistance to the president. Even some Republicans in Congress are failing to support him. Considering all of that, it is important that we focus on President Trump’s extensive accomplishments during his first seven months. The list below includes some of his administration’s most significant. We urge you to keep these things in mind and support President Trump as he works to Make America Great Again.

Jobs & the Economy

  • 1,019,000 new jobs created in America since January, nearly all in the private sector
  • Unemployment index is at the lowest level since 2007 (4.4%)
  • Cutting hundreds of regulations enacted by the Obama administration. The American Action Forum estimates $70 billion in national cost savings due to reduced regulation.
  • Signed an Executive Order stipulating that for every new regulation, two must be eliminated
  • Established improved ties with the business community to foster an improved business climate
  • As a result of the pro-growth policies President Trump is pursuing (reduced regulation, lower taxes, etc.), the economy is already growing at a faster rate. GDP growth was up 3% in the second quarter of 2017, a key milestone.
  • Stock market has attained 25 new all-time highs and is up 17% since January
  • Consumer confidence is at the highest level since 2000
  • Signed the “Buy American and Hire American” Executive Order to create American jobs

National Defense and Support of Our Veterans

  • $54 billion in increased military spending this year, reversing President Obama’s cutbacks
  • Pressured NATO allies to increase their defense spending to meet their NATO commitment after decades of failing to do so
  • Delegated authority to our military leaders to take action they deem necessary, reversing micro-management by the Obama Administration (MOAB)
  • Taking action to ensure veterans get the care they deserve:
    • Signed legislation allowing veterans to get care outside of the VA system if needed
    • Took action to improve the VA medical system, including firing 500 poor-performing employees, suspending 200 more and taking disciplinary action on others
    • Streamlined veterans medical record keeping to improve care


  • Illegal immigration down 53% since January
  • Authorized the hiring of 10,000 new Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers
  • Taking action to reign in sanctuary cities and deny their federal funding
  • Taking action to jumpstart the construction of the border wall ($100 million)
  • Taking action to arrest and deport immigrant criminal gang members


  • Authorized the Keystone XL Pipeline after years of delays by the Obama Administration
  • Authorized the Dakota Access Pipeline after delays by the Obama Administration
  • Increasing exports of American energy to create jobs and support foreign policy goals
    • Increased coal exports, restoring jobs in the coal industry
    • Increased foreign LNG (liquefied natural gas) shipments to create American jobs and reduce Europe’s dependence on Russian natural gas
  • Signed Executive Order to extend offshore oil and gas drilling
  • Boosting oil and gas development on federal lands
  • Reversing EPA regulations which destroyed jobs in the coal industry


  • Withdrew from the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP), which would have destroyed 6.5 million American jobs
  • Renegotiating NAFTA to implement better trade policies with Mexico and Canada
  • Renegotiating the United States-South Korea Free Trade Agreement
  • Taking action to increase beef, coal and LNG shipments to China

Foreign Policy

  • Forcefully challenged Syria and Russia by firing 59 missiles into Syria to stop chemical weapons attacks on the Syrian people
  • Establishing better relations with Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan to limit Iranian influence in the Middle East. President Obama did the opposite; currying favor with Iran at the expense of our Middle East allies.
  • Increased sanctions on Iran to end their destructive and destabilizing actions in the Middle East
  • Taking stronger action against North Korea’s development and testing of nuclear weapons; which President Obama ignored under his policy of “strategic patience”
  • Brokered a ceasefire in southwest Syria
  • Reversing territory gains made by ISIS in the Middle East


  • Appointed and confirmed Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch
  • Considering not filling hundreds of bureaucratic jobs in Washington, DC
  • Reduced White House payroll by $22 million
  • Saved $700 million by renegotiating contracts for new F-35 airplanes
  • Signed an Executive Order implementing tough new lobbying standards for political appointees

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  1. It is time for us to put our money behind conservative senator races. We need the House and the Senate to work with our President not sabotaging his agenda …. I really wonder if the GOP leaders working against Trump think we are missing what they are doing. Time for term limits and draining the swamp.

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