Fear itself

By Steve Woodward

As a prolific plagiarizer Joe Biden is missing an opportunity in 2022 to steal a great line at a time when Americans need to hear it.

We need Franklin Delano Biden to appear on national television proclaiming, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.”

The Wuhan Virus obviously decimated a small percentage of Americans struggling with and debilitated by life threatening comorbidity. In other words, absent China’s lab-manufactured virus, these individuals likely already were on a path to demise owed to morbid obesity, heart failure, diabetes and other terrible illnesses. Apart from family members, no one would have been aware of these deaths. They would not have been part of a CNN tally in the lower right screen.

Mortality is reality. Death in this world is permanent, contrasted by the promise of eternal life through Jesus Christ in his kingdom. And death does not care about a person’s age. Model and young conservative activist Zoe Bethel died recently after an auto accident. A Minnesota U.S. congressman, 59, died of kidney cancer (but the media could not help itself; it had to report that he also tested positive for the virus a month ago, as if that was relevant). A former Miss USA from North Carolina recently hurled herself off the balcony of a New York City high-rise at age 30. 

Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth, 95, reportedly tested positive for the “deadly” virus and is getting along just fine with “mild symptoms”. One can only imagine that her immune system is akin to a bank vault. 

An objective review of the “data” will conclude that a vast majority of Americans never were infected by the virus, and many that were never missed a beat, never felt ill. Some lived beneath the suffocation of a flimsy mask for months. Others never wore a mask day to day except under extreme cases of government tyranny, such as a still intact federal “law” that requires masking in airports and aboard commercial flights. (On a recent flight, masking was sporadic, and flight attendants were not prowling the aisle).

The real virus is fear. It has been leveraged, exploited, and imposed on our country’s psyche. I’m thinking we never will recover. 

CNN is reporting that immunocompromised children are terrified that mask mandates are — finally — disappearing. In public schools where masks no longer are required, students opt to keep them in place. These are not kids being safe. These are kids demonstrating that fear is ingrained in them. They’ve accepted the false notion that masks are both effective and symbolic of virtue. Wear the mask because you care. And wear it they will. For how long, we shall see.

Yet another attempt by The Pilot to issue guidance on how we should go about living appeared in the form of a February 19 editorial. Don’t dare leave your house until you read it. To wit, “It is time to learn to live with what we can’t rise above.” Have we not been doing that throughout the course of human history? And, as it turns out, we humans are pretty good at it.

On the other hand, do not get too comfortable. “It will be critical to keep people updated on the virus’ progression and prevalence,” warns The Pilot. “And it will be important to get into underserved communities to provide education on the virus.” The latter is particularly hollow in as much as local and state governments have largely failed to “get into” these communities with broadband internet, or a public education system that affords their kids a chance to read and write at acceptable grade levels. During the virus, we told them to “get into” your home, lockdown and learn at a later date. How do they recover from that?

And get on with your lives, by all means, unless you think better of it, preaches the sanctimonious author. “If you feel more secure and healthier wearing a face mask, you should wear one.” Please, especially when driving a car, or showering.

For the brave, The Pilot offers the continuing prospect of “safe and effective vaccines” (disputed by the federal government’s very own VAERS reporting system that tracks vaccine related adverse effects including death). And, what a relief, there are “fewer tables in restaurants.” Go back to normal everyone, except restaurant owners. For you guys, it is the year 2020 into perpetuity.

While it is rather easy to dismiss the keepers of the Nanny State as the idiots that they are, the stark reality is that we might soon actually get back to exercising American liberty as the delusional among us to move to the margins of society as they always do. But what does not go away, because government tyrants on the Left do no want it to, is the foundation that as been put in place to broaden the reach and tolerance of totalitarianism in our land.

Author and historian Rod Dreher, reports The Epoch Times (February 16, 2022), “believes that our fear of pain and struggle has been exploited by the elite class and created soft totalitarianism in the United States.” Just wear the mask, or get expelled. Just take the shot, or lose your job. Do as you are told by unelected bureaucrats, or else!

Dreher’s timely book, “Live Not By Lies”, concludes that the hysterical compliance of millions of Americans to unconstitutional public health emergency declarations, and unlawful vaccine mandates, are merely a window into their overall state of mind. Dreher’s book largely is based on interviews with immigrants from China, Nazi Germany, and the Soviet bloc.

“I would ask them, ‘Are the things you are seeing happening in America today, in terms of cancel culture — wokeness, things like that — does it remind you of what you left behind?’ Every single one of them said yes,” Dreher told The Epoch Times.

Every single one of them fear a repeat of their personal histories, or what they used to be told was “normal”.


By Bill Demastus

In high school back in the late 1950s I took a typing class. It was not the most popular class for young men to take, but in the interest of full disclosure the class was taught by a most attractive young teacher, not much older than myself. And, she asked me to take the class.

Did I mention that the class was scheduled the hour before lunch and this gorgeous lady told me that I would be excused at whatever time I finished the days typing assignment?

I discovered quickly that one could type with 10 fingers very easily and that I was pretty good at it.

An Underwood classic

Little did I know as a 16-year-old this class would one day land me in a very cushy job in Uncle Sam’s Army and, years later, be the catalyst behind a job interview with the company where I would spend the next 39 years of my life. As one of the leaders in this company I was afforded a lifestyle that few 16-year-old boys could imagine.

But I digress.

I am writing this article not to explain my high school curriculum or how fate stepped in to use a typing skill to provide a wonderful career. I am writing this to quote one sentence that I learned in that typing class that has stuck with me all these many years. This sentence was a practice typing line that students repeated over and over on the old Underwood typewriters the school provided.

Evidently, this sentence required the typist to be capable of using both hands and all fingers on those hands and was a precursor to the quick brown fox thing.

The sentence is: Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.

Obviously, this simple sentence means a lot more today than it did in that young beautiful teacher’s typing class.

Today, I might be tempted to change the sentence to read, “Now it is imperative that all good men and women come to the aid of their country.”

As an old guy who has made more than 80 trips around the sun I have been exposed to many things. I have witnessed many things. I have watched a world explode in technology, and medical miracles, and watched the American people become the most generous and beloved people of this world. I have watched and participated as young men and women went gladly to defend liberty and human rights all over the globe in service of our country.

I have never seen anything to equal what I see happening in our America. I keep thinking that when I wake up tomorrow it will all be over, and we will be back in a world that is rational and sane.

I also know that thought is a dream that will never happen. We must come together as a nation and take back our liberties and our freedoms. Not by force. Surely, the Civil War taught us that Americans killing Americans was not the way to solve issues in such a blessed land.

We must do it at the polls. We must do it by enforcing laws that are already in place but being ignored. We must be rational. We must be willing to listen to one another. We must not be afraid to stand and speak. We must. We must!

Go to the polls in every election but, before you do, educate yourself on the issues and on the people on the ballot.

Vote for God! Vote for Life! Vote for the things that made America the envy of the world. Staying home on election day is voting to light the fuse that will destroy this beautiful dream that our forefathers and founders died to establish.

Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country!

Cowering like it’s 2020

By Steve Woodward

Our kids now can go to school, free as birds, but only if smothered beneath unsanitary masks, and pumped full of experimental serum, to protect them from, at worst, a chest cold.  

Our kids conversely are made to stay home from school because three inches of snow that has melted into residual clumps makes traveling by bus potentially hazardous, or so say our unelected authorities. What’s next, a Dry Pavement Alert? A Blue Sky Glare Advisory? Fresh Air Delirium Syndrome?

If I am a school age child in 2022, what is my default mode? Bold individualism endowed upon me by the fortitude of the American spirit?  Or, am I a bowl of jello, quivering in fear of disease and Mother Nature?

The answer is obvious and it is the latter. Sponge Bob and his sidekicks are in charge. Our children are gelatinous beings, trained to recoil whenever the ruling elite or weather forecasters proclaim foreboding doom. 

But don’t blame the kids. The fault lies firmly at the feet of a group now passing as “adults”. There was a Greatest Generation, those who fought in, died during and emerged from World War II to forge an even greater America. But here in the 21st Century, we are stuck with the Gravest Generation, a class of citizenry best described as weak, self-absorbed, delusional and lost.

They existed among us for who knows how long but have been exposed by the hysteria imposed upon normal day to day life by the Wuhan Virus that escaped a U.S.-funded laboratory in China in 2019.

And we are understanding that it is all but impossible to marginalize these most un-American of Americans because they are put forward by corporate, mainstream media as normal, rational Americans who just want every citizen to “stay safe”.  Even small-town newspapers are trying to show how “woke” they are, just like their highly paid brethren in the prestige media outlets in New York and Washington.

In its January 23 editorial, The Pilot issued an impassioned plea to the rubes it calls readers: Do your part to curb COVID! The premise for yet another frenzied treatment of the topic is that “there is virtually no aspect of life that isn’t being affected these days by COVID-19 and its highly contagious Omicron variant.” And if we don’t return to crackdown mode we will be blindsided when, inevitably, the next variant “comes along”. This warning raises suspicion that The Pilot must have access to Anthony Fauci’s emails. 

Listen up, insists The Pilot (specifically, editor John Nagy and his staff death-watcher, Jamie Baxley), “we owe it to everyone around us to do what we can to safeguard public health.” The Pilot essentially is calling for another round of lockdowns. Virtual classrooms. No church services. No elective surgeries in hospitals. Take-out only restaurants. Vaccine passports. And testing, testing, testing of asymptomatic mass murderers, our children.

But public opinion is turning. Despite the best efforts of the county health department and school board to quell their optimism, determined Moore County citizens trekked to Washington on January 23 to join thousands assembled across the National Mall for a “Defeat The Mandates” rally. A lean, mean machine known as Freedom Matters NC, formed in 2020 by Lydia Boesch and Mitch Lancaster, held its banner high in frigid DC. The mandates are going down.

Freedom is making a comeback, and it really ticks off the Left. Just when absolute tyranny was beginning to feel normal. At least to them. (A reporter at Joe Biden’s marathon stumble-fest January 21 actually asked what the President would say to parents “frustrated that there is no vaccine for children under 5?” By all means, let’s inject the least vulnerable and roll the dice on side effects).

Meanwhile, allow me to take on our local rag’s wrist wringing, point by point:

  • Deaths with Covid never have been separated from deaths BY Covid. That shell game certainly suggests “inflated” data points. Same goes for “cases”.
  • With the sudden shift — by the Fauci-ites — to the new conventional wisdom that cloth masks are ineffective compared to the N95 cone masks, little wonder precautions have been “scoffed at”. Normal people knew the face diapers were symbolic signals of virtue from the start.
  • Schools are struggling to stay open because administrators continue to “test to stay” among asymptomatic kids. And, furthermore, there is outright denial that the vaccinated are at least as vulnerable to Omicron as the unvaxed across all age groups.
  • Beware the next wave that “comes along”? Omicron, say credible members of the medical community (when not censored), is nature’s vaccine. It will drive herd immunity. Why would you dwell on the threat of a “next one”? How about the next killer, three-inch snow storm, or the next routine flu season? Best hunker down inside your bunkers on Pennsylvania Avenue.
  • This is an “unchecked and ignored” pandemic? Citizens have had every aspect of normal life taken from them. Replaced by: Masks. Social distancing. Gloves. Vaccines. Boosters. Denial of therapeutic drugs to promote recovery. Travel restrictions. Unchecked? What a very Australian point of view.
  • Masks are awesome. Quit saying they equate to “child abuse”. The consequences of masking children will not be known for years. If it is not abusive it certainly is dangerous. Many experts believe it is inhibiting speech development in the very young. How could it not?

This just in. 2020 phoned The Pilot’s newsroom. It wants its hysteria back.

Auto-Pilot defends failures

By Steve Woodward

The (Southern Pines) Pilot’s beat writer Mary Kate Murphy seems to view public education in Moore County as a sailing vessel with a few leaks, readily plugged, that has encountered a tsunami of contempt by citizens, who are nothing more than rabid ideologues looking to pick fights and draw attention to themselves.

Her January 2, 2022, attempted magnum opus, “The Polarization of Public Education”, is a rambling compilation that reads as though the reporter is pouring out an embarrassing admission: county school board meetings confuse her. She doesn’t understand what all of the fighting is about. “What’s going on here”? Murphy writes.

As published, the work also is a poorly veiled effort to defend four entrenched board members and a feckless superintendent against numerous examples demonstrating that they have failed students, teachers, parents and other concerned taxpayers. The education universe is polarized, she contends by inference, because too many locals merely wish to echo a broader national conversation about issues (genuine issues, as it turns out) plaguing schools; because they focus too much attention on student aptitude test scores; because David Hensley, Philip Homes and Bob Levy were elected to the board, and because their supporters are mean spirited by nature.

The 4,415-word summary of the past 18 months since the arrival of pandemic lockdowns and fear mongering is rife with flimsy conclusions and glaring omissions. Murphy does not address the tendency of then-board chair Libby Carter and her board puppets to demean members of the community. Who will soon forget when board member Stacey Caldwell complained in a meeting that protracted public comments had meetings ending too late at night, which, for her, was a problem because she has a job? When a recording of that was played back at a subsequent meeting, Caldwell denied her own words and shouted from the stage, “that’s a lie”, violating board policy that prohibits engaging the public during board meetings. Grumpy Ed Dennison, on another occasion, dismissively said that citizens desired to make public comments “to see themselves on (YouTube) TV”. 

In both cases, disdain prevailed rather than listening to constituents.

Murphy’s piece opens with a dramatic revisiting of a September profanity filled voicemail recorded to a Moore Schools central office phone line. The caller said she would find the homes of board members and would not “play nice” unless classroom mask mandates were lifted. The insinuation, never proven to this day, is that the caller was associated with groups that had been gathering ahead of board meetings to display signs and demonstrate unity. The reporter ignores the key fact that a so-called “investigation” to reveal the caller’s identity was abandoned, or that parents and citizens attending these rallies never spewed profanity or made threats, despite being mistreated as potential threats by armed security and being forced to assemble far removed from the Moore County School central office building’s entrance.

The piece further ignores that board chair Carter stoked an atmosphere of hostility in a span of board meetings by refusing to accommodate growing numbers of citizens signing in to deliver three-minute speeches, forcing people to wait outside in inclement weather and pass through metal detectors. Requests to move the meetings to larger venues by Hensley repeatedly were ignored by Carter. She seemed to relish wielding her power to discourage or enrage fellow citizens, as if hopeful her restrictions would inflame visitors and result in physical removal by her cadre of armed security.

These are some of the many other inane gems littering a classic demonstration of journalistic malpractice by The Pilot:

A lament that 2021 board meetings presented a “stark contrast to past years, when board meetings were largely conducted in perfunctory style and played to largely empty rooms.” Read: The good old days when Grimesey reigned supreme over a rubber-stamp board.

“Politics have taken hold of public education.” Nice try. Public education has been exposed as flawed and subverted by unaccountable third parties.

“Protests against Critical Race Theory were a nationally motivated political device to try to unite people against our traditional public schools,” Carter said. Oops. Carter, who claims not to be a left wing Democrat by virtue of how she registers to vote, was caught in a rare moment of transparency. What is traditional in a public school is NOT to teach children that our nation as founded is deeply flawed, and NOT to impose upon young white children that they were born racist.

“Our schools aren’t performing well, but that’s a function of the fact that they’ve been defunded for years.” The quote is attributed to one of the dumbest elected officials in Moore County, Whispering Pines mayor Alexa Roberts. Teachers receive generous annual raises and have for years on end. Has Lexy forgotten what taxpayers contributed to building Pinehurst Elementary School and Aberdeen Elementary School? Pinehurst Elementary ranks as the most expensive new school built in the state’s history, at $47,500 per student seat, with Aberdeen not far behind. The Pinehurst construction tab was $38 million. Who or what is being defunded? A legit reporter would have asked this question before publishing an erroneous quote. In recent memory, the one defunded line item was seat belts for Moore County Schools activity buses.

“The rally at the Moore County Schools central office had already been advertised in a recent Moore County Republican Party newsletter.” Read: Oh, no, some folks organized a rally and had the nerve to let people know when and where it was happening.

Parents and citizens who are not aware that their children are used as pawns by the radical Left, as experiments to determine how far educators can subvert public schools, and reshape them as indoctrination centers, these parents are the “majority”. Those who challenge the current board and its superintendent, those who have filed to run for school board seats in 2022, are fringe radicals.

Everyone else, Carter’s friends and neighbors, “just want their kids to be able to go to school and be happy and enjoy their teachers,” said Alexa Roberts, the mayor of Whispering Pines. “They don’t feel that there’s a problem in their school.”

It’s always about how they feel, is it not? That’s why they love their student surveys. How do you feel today, Lexy?

Lastly, a photo that accompanied Murphy’s diatribe showed board members Hensley, Holmes and Levy standing outdoors in an open space seemingly looking for an encounter. But The Pilot does not mention that the photo was captured one fine morning a few days after a bus accident on Highway 5 near the Aberdeen Elementary School. It had come to their attention that the speed limit along that stretch, 45, had not been adjusted to accommodate school buses turning left toward the school out of a lane without a turn light. The board members showed up early that day to draw attention to the dereliction of Moore County Schools with regard to organizing law enforcement traffic control at the intersection. 

Perhaps, Murphy might some day report, this was yet another example of polarization. A divide between common sense and dereliction. Something to keep in mind when we vote to replace the Carter Four in November.

Make or break

By Steve Woodward

Let us begin a post-Christmas review of the condition of our great United States by remembering something that is important. Jesus Christ as an infant was not wrapped in Gore-Tex, and his parents were not offered free breakfast in the Bethlehem Hampton Inn. 

In other words, as we await the arrival of 2022, the year that will make or break us as a nation, we probably should drop all pretense that the next 11 months will be business as usual, cozy and well-nourished. We can knock on our neighbor’s doors but we will be called upon to kick in doors that separate our citizens from free and fair elections. Any Republican, even a fence-sitter, who is counting on business-as-usual has not been paying close enough attention. This will not be an election based on substance. It will not be enough to attend fundraisers inside gated communities to drop off $1,000 checks (but please do). This will be an election in which we engage using Guerrilla warfare. Blazers off, gloves on. 

We are facing a brutal year in defense of a basic presumption of freedom. Of course, we will get out of the vote. We know how to do that. But the challenge is to become confident that when the vote comes out it has not been compromised to the point that we will have toiled in vain. 

In the months ahead, our mission is not familiar. It’s a new calling. A patchwork of well funded organizations that are not tied to ideology will be working night and day to compromise the American electorate. Our foes do not care to go head to head on progressivism over Capitalism. They’ve long ago decided that they are unconquerable. They will win by sending so many votes into the ballot boxes and voting machines that no withering Conservative realism can prevail. The votes that count will be the votes that THEY count. It’s Stalinism, writ large. 

Their voters no nothing of low unemployment, upward mobility, freedom of expression, unlimited possibilities. They are instead attracted to no employment, confined mobility, freedom from responsibility and unlimited entitlements. These parasites live among us in the United States, but they shun unity and are decidedly un-American. They might well be huddled masses longing to be free, but their longings are readily bought and paid for Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. They’ll gladly take that over freedom. 

This is a harsh pill to swallow for many Republicans. We might have to scuff up our loafers. Things might have to get messy in 2022. The throngs assembled in Washington on January 6, 2021, might not have been large enough to take on the enemies that lay before us. But let us be clear. We do not win by storming buildings. We do not win in the streets because that is where the Left would be delighted to engage us. We win by allocating resources wisely and combating their endless networks of well funded community organizers with benign sounding titles. We win by overthrowing Marxist school boards and progressive village councils, such as those in our backyards here in Moore County. We topple these tyrants as a step in the right direction, then watch the dominoes fall from coast to coast.

We win by doing all of things we’ve always done — precinct meetings, county and state conventions, poll watching — as a minimum. But, it is time to acknowledge that these old school commitments are inadequate. The Left mocks these because it mocks the tenets that define us as Americans. So very racist, sexist, homophobic. We are accused of protecting election integrity to protect white supremacy. 

Of course, this presumption is as false as a COVID-19 positive test. The speech that launched the political career of Ronald Reagan was girded by a timeless line, that “ours is a time for choosing.” Yes, our time is that time.

He gave that speech in 1964 but did not see it through until an eight-year presidency beginning in 1981. Today, we face a time for choosing. We should not calculate the consequences of failure to make the right choices using months or years. Indeed, we might not live to see the fruits of our labors in 2022, but labor we must. As Reagan said, we are the last best hope for man on Earth. It was as true in 1964 as in 2022. But less reassuring, perhaps.

We are fighting the evil of the Left on every front. In courts. In classrooms. In the digital universe of public opinion. We are further surrounded by forces wishing to compromise the integrity of every aspect of the electoral system, from registration, to campaigning, to voting and counting. 

Please prepare your hearts and stir the smoldering embers in your souls to ignite a fire within as we enter a crossroads for American liberty. Let us pledge to stand shoulder to shoulder, as many of us did one year ago on January 6, 2021, to ensure that the radical Left is destined for the ash heap of American history.

Be uplifted by and act upon the words of English philosopher John Stuart Mill, who in 1867 proclaimed:

Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing. He is not a good man who, without a protest, allows wrong to be committed in his name, and with the means which he helps to supply, because he will not trouble himself to use his mind on the subject.”