By Steve Woodward

NBC Sports football analyst and ex-NFL head coach Tony Dungy, a man of exceptional character and talent, is under siege by a very corrupt  media because he challenged its version of “truth”.

Dungy recently issued a concise tweet lamenting public education’s facilitation of gender fluidity, which is universally opposed in school districts nationwide. In particular, he sarcastically noted the possibility that school districts soon will be providing “litter boxes in school bathrooms for students who identify as cats.” This sounds insane, except for this: Students at Pinecrest High School have been known in recent years to arrive in cat attire (photo nearby), and not only on Halloween. Cats, once a Broadway show, is now a state of mind, or so it seems.

Sports Illustrated dutifully reported that Dungy “came under fire” for the tweet, which soon was deleted (probably because NBC Sports’ woke brass offered an ultimatum). And in rapid succession the lefties in sports media took their shots at Dungy for repeating a long ago “debunked”, mythical narrative about litter boxes in schools. 

But Dungy did not back down. Instead, he honored a commitment to be a speaker during the March for Life rally in Washington on its 50th anniversary. He was not going rogue. Dungy has spoken out against abortion throughout his life. This triggered a complete meltdown within the elite sports media, who are in reality no longer into balls and strikes, but more so balls and skirts. They love ‘em some drag.

“Dungy went ahead with his speaking engagement, using his athletic celebrity coupled with his religiosity as deodorant for a theme of intolerance,” wrote activist Washington Post “sports” columnist Kevin Blackistone.That came days after a tweet by Dungy for which he was rightfully and soundly denounced, shamed into apologizing and deleting his words.” Blackistone condemned Dungy for dismissing “student identity differences — and about the need to halt them … (and) disobliging the necessities of LGBTQ kids, and even those of kids of color.”

Blackistone seems to lament that Dungy is not black enough and, obviously, not woke enough. We must suppose that Blackistone detects racism any time he is covering a sports event in which a black athlete is called for a penalty or a foul. He must be exhausted by the end of the game. (This is the same columnist who condemned soccer icon Pele following his death at the end of 2022 because Pele did not oppose the dictators who controlled Brazil in his athletic prime). 

Google provides plenty of cover for the hysterical reaction to Dungy’s tweet about cat children. Search “high school furry trend” and you will find link after link pointing to accounts with headlines including, “How an urban myth about litter boxes in schools became a GOP talking point” (NBC News), and, “Fact-check: No evidence that U.S. schoolchildren are self-identifying and disrupting classrooms” (Reuters).

Yet, those willing to do nominal research quickly discover that the dress-up phenomenon has, in fact, proliferated across the land, in lock step with more “conventional” gender fluidity trends, including drag queen story time for children as young as elementary school age. 

Suppose litter boxes for school kids are disproven as widespread, like Bush 43’s weapons of mass destruction in Iraq two decades ago. Their absence does not excuse the dangerous inclinations of woke school systems to pander to the whims of children rather than addressing their potentially serious mental health problems. (Just as vanishing WMDs did not diminish Saddam Hussein’s reign of terror).

What the media actually was objecting to in Dungy’s case was what prompted his hair-trigger tweet in the first place. This same media that in years past hailed Dungy as a pioneering black NFL head coach has no patience for his conservative, Christian values today. How dare this football analyst cross the line, and on NBC, of all places, Trump Derangement Syndrome’s birthplace. 

Dungy was reacting to an unhinged demand by a Minnesota state legislator (Sandra Feist) that menstrual products be made available in boys bathrooms in state public and charter schools because, she argued, “not all students who menstruate are female.”

Not all television broadcasters who pontificate are woke. Put me in, coach.

Moore deceit

By Steve Woodward

Members of the Moore County Board of Health and its interim director, Matt Garner, are living in a parallel universe where it is still the year 2020, which would be laughable were it not so dangerous.

The board’s Moore Together campaign — promoted on its web site, in a poorly produced video and on Facebook — recommends continued reliance on experimental mRNA shots created by the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex, along with their so-called “life saving” boosters. The campaign is even sustaining the long debunked narrative promoting mask efficacy and social distancing.

The campaign is not a product of meticulous independent research and consultation with scientists and physicians. (When, if ever, has the board consulted local virologist Nixon Ellis, an early critic of school lockdowns?) Instead, it does nothing more than parrot the discredited Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which historians will record sought to control minds rather than outcomes and failed to prevent a lengthy list of unintended (perhaps) consequences by infringing on medical liberty and medical practice autonomy.

The health board and its empty initiatives reflect dereliction of duty on an order of magnitude. But it goes beyond that. They are duplicating a global propaganda campaign that has cost young healthy adults their well beings and, in thousands of cases, their lives.

In the face of alarming evidence that these experimental jabs do not prevent illness and do not strengthen immunity, while they do cause sudden death and debilitating injuries such as myocarditis (see the definitive book, “Lies My Govt. Told Me“, by Dr. Robert W. Malone), our county board of health is playing along and promoting a status quo burned into the minds of millions by Dr. Anthony Fauci and his collaborators around the world.

This is it’s advice in 2023:

“Viruses like COVID-19 and the flu mutate over time. After you have had the initial vaccines (one shot if you had Johnson & Johnson, two if you had Pfizer or Moderna), it is important to continue to receive boosters to combat new strains of the virus. While we do not know for sure (emphasis added), it is very likely COVID-19 boosters will become an annual recommendation just like the flu vaccine (because the pharma industry says so).

“COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective for almost everyone ages 6 months and older (emphasis added). Side effects (if any) are generally mild. If you have a pre-existing condition or other concerns, talk to your doctor. While vaccinations may not prevent your getting COVID-19, they have been proven effective in reducing the severity of the disease, hospitalization, and death. If you have had COVID-19, the current recommendation is to wait 90 days after testing negative before getting a booster.”

Contradictory data and reporting is readily available, of course, and has been going on two years. Malone, Dr. Joseph Mercola, independent journalists Alex Berenson and Dr. Naomi Wolf (author of “The Bodies of Others“), and Steve Kirsch, founder of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation, have rebuked Faucism time and time again. The Brownstone Institute, Children’s Health Defense and the FLCCC Alliance web sites are a living archive of research materials exposing one of human history’s darkest chapters.

Become informed. Then become engaged. Contact Board of Health director Garner: 910.947.1663. Demand accountability.

Myocarditis as cause of death across all ages who are vaccinated (Mercola)

FDA, Pfizer knew mRNA injections cause teen myocarditis (Wolf)

Taiwan study: Heart symptoms spike after second Pfizer mRNA jab (Berenson)

Immune systems under siege in boosted (Berenson): “Too bad we didn’t work on that before we stuck a billion-plus people with mRNA.”

Lax standards the norm for COVID drug approvals (Brownstone Institute)

mRNA shots increase risk of contracting COVID-19 (Cleveland Clinic/The Gateway Pundit

COVID gaining resistance to Paxlovid miracles drug (The Plague Chronicle)

“Died Suddenly”: The Documentary Film of a Generation (Matthew Skow/Nicholas Stumphauzer). Click to view.

New book: “Pfizer Documents Report: What Pfizer, FDA Tried to Conceal” (Amy Kelly). Click to order.

Equally egregious, the Moore Together campaign makes not one mention of combating flu and respiratory illnesses by strengthening one’s immunity, or how to achieve same. You will find zero mention of highly effective supplements such as Vitamin B, C, D; Quercetin; turmeric; and zinc. There also is zero guidance about what to do when testing “positive” for a variant of the Wuhan Virus (aka, COVID). No mention of therapeutics like Ivermectin.

Instead, we are directed to “isolate, wear a mask (and) … get lots of rest.” A passing reference to the option of taking an “antiviral medication” can be found. If you ask most physicians, they will suggest Big Pharma’s COVID offshoot revenue stream (second only to potentially deadly mRNA shots). It’s marketed as Paxlovid. It has been a $10.6 billion flop. In fact, as evidenced by none other than President Joe Biden’s COVID bout last summer Plaxovid causes a bizarre “rebound” effect. He was positive. He was negative. Oops, he was once again positive.

Writes mRNA creator Dr. Malone, the worst case scenario attached to Plaxovid came true: “Viruses resistant to Paxlovid are spawned, the virus population explodes and then the ‘rebound’ effect is observed – only this time with Paxlovid resistant strains.” Don’t take his word for it, Malone adds:

“Paxlovid manufacturer Pfizer and the Food and Drug Administration have both acknowledged reports of rebound COVID-19 cases associated with the drug.”

Moore Together is merely peddling 2020 logic to those who insist on running out to have a virus test when they feel a tad unwell, and who accept all positives, false or not. It’s surprising they have not adopted the annoying 2020 “Stay Safe” salutation as a tagline.

Here is our advice in 2023: Stay informed.

Merry but wary

By Steve Woodward

The most wonderful time of the year also is a time to be wary. Very wary. In these waning days of 2022 forces on the Left are racing the clock to impose their will on a distracted citizenry.

It’s happening in Washington and closer to home in North Carolina. Nefarious actors are bad enough to begin with, but we should resent them even more when they hijack the Christmas season. And they do, boldly.

The lame duck, Democrat-heavy state Supreme Court has been working feverishly on three fronts: To empower activist courts and judges in the arena of gerrymandering; to directly stomp on the will of citizens who favor a requirement that voters present ID at polling stations; and to declare, once again, that a districting map (for state Senate races) is unconstitutional and racially biased.

The court is sledgehammering away knowing that Republicans assume a 5-2 advantage in January. The current Democrat foursome, including race-baiter Anita Earls, delight in forcing the next court to toil at undoing what they’ve done in 2022.

In Washington, the Swamp is celebrating the Christmas season the only way it knows how — by defying America’s Judeo-Christian values at every turn. The Biden Administration is backing legislation named after Civil Rights era champion John Lewis that would once and for all eliminate proof of identity as a requirement for voting in elections, even though numerous states require voter ID by law. North Carolina voters approved enshrinement of voter ID in the state constitution, which is viewed by the left as a worthless piece of paper. They further exposed their disdain by allowing activist courts to neuter it. Trying to bury voter ID once and for all, the state Supremes on December 15 voted 4-3 to overturn the law. The will of state voters expressed in 2018 is now formally denounced.

Rep. Dan Bishop (NC-09)

Back in D.C., our very own Congressman Dan Bishop, who represents Moore County until January, introduced a counter to the John Lewis bill, entitled, The Combat Voter Fraud Act. Bishop’s radio ads correctly point out the absurdity of conflating voter ID with racism and hatred (as Biden’s public remarks infer), while dismissing the fundamental right that our elections be fair and untainted by fraud.

Meanwhile, the state Supremes also bickered about state Senate maps currently in place but the bigger story on re-districting and so-called gerrymandering (map drawing) is unfolding inside the U.S. Supreme Court, where a 6-3 conservative majority reigns (thank you, President Trump). The SCOTUS is expected to vote in June 2023 on the merits of Moore v. Harper. The Harper supporters in the case make a truly absurd argument: that it’s dangerous to abide by the U.S. Constitution, which holds that state legislatures control the time, place and manner of Congressional elections (for U.S. House and Senate). Their side says courts — such as the N.C. Supreme Court — should intervene as necessary (as in, when Democrats are powerless to draw the maps).

Opines The Wall Street Journal in an editorial, “A Judicial Coup in North Carolina”, “Who better represents democracy in North Carolina — an elected Legislature, our four state judges who flip their judicial logic when it suits their partisan ends?”

Perhaps the only more egregious case of year-end subversion is the one tied to a pair of Republicans rather than Democrats. Namely, North Carolina Senators Richard Burr (retiring this month) and Thom Tillis (elected in 2020 with four years to go). These brash Swamp creatures decided to stuff our Christmas stockings with enormous middle fingers. They joined 10 other Republicans whose votes ensured passage of an act codifying gay and interracial marriage into law. 

See our breaking news in the latest Moore Liberty Digest (December 20) to better understand at least one reason why Burr and Tillis were undeterred and unafraid to betray fellow Republicans.

So have yourselves a merry little Christmas, and be sure the egg nog is heavily spiked.   

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God v. evil

By Steve Woodward

Organized domestic terror visited Moore County early on the evening of December 3. A tactical assault on two Duke Energy sub-stations will not soon be forgotten and quickly overshadowed another seminal moment. 

December 3 also will — must — be remembered as the day battle lines were drawn in the clash between God and evil. On the cultural spectrum the line delineates right from wrong.

Evil falls under a category made famous by a judge asked to define pornography: He said, you know it when you see it.

But evil is increasingly more difficult to recognize because it smiles back at us; it wears rainbows and espouses love and promotes unity. Until it doesn’t. Until its smiles revert to scowls, its calls for love revert to shrieking and cursing. To their default modes, in other words.

This range of emotions was on display on December 3 in the heart of Southern Pines, where law enforcement arrived in large numbers to quell gathering storms of potential conflict (according to the narrative) between the Rainbow Ranters and a counter group comprised of Calvary Christian’s church congregation and its private school community, along with fellow Christians and ideological conservatives.

During the next roughly 60 minutes, law enforcement officers watched Sandhills Pride’s assembled group taunt and mock fellow citizens who prayed silently, read passages from the Bible and sang hymns. One of them arrived with a megaphone, which was used to project the Word of God toward the Pride group, many of whom became unhinged and exhibited signs of mental illness. 

Why were they assembled? To detract from Christian, law abiding citizens who make protection of their children a priority. They scorn fellow Americans revolted by live drag performances created to normalize transgenderism and graphic, lewd gestures without regard for the ages of those who might see it. The December drag show organized by Pride and hosted by Sunrise Theater initially planned to sell tickets to children as young as 16 until public outrage forced the age limit to be raised to 18. Reading between the lines, Sunrise Theater inferred it had no choice if it desired to keep its venue free of threats and violence. Normal citizens appreciated the decision as demonstrating that Sunrise stumbled onto knowing that the right thing to do was restricting under-18 teens from watching the show.

But December 3 came, nonetheless. Twenty days before we will celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ the deeply psychologically damaged among us filled Broad Street in Southern Pines to advance a strange narrative in which gay “rights” are intertwined with a ritual of men dressing up as women, from cosmetics to heels. Should you dare to oppose their deviant worldview, they shout you down as “haters” and try convincing you that Jesus would be standing on their side of the street. 

Broad Street soon cleared. Drag show devotees lined up to enter the theater, each ticket holder wanded by a private security guard. Law enforcement personnel called it a night — an uneventful night. Any words police exchanged with those attending the prayer vigil were words of gratitude for their service. 

There were no clashes. No property was damaged. Nothing happened. Actually, there was one thing. The chasm between God and evil widened a bit more.

Short sighted

By Steve Woodward

Pinehurst is a world-class, world-famous golf destination, and a nice place to live.

Pinehurst also is a small town with many melodramatic sub-plots coursing through its communal arteries. It has, like any town, its share of petty small-minded people warped by delusions of grandeur and driven by a sense of moral and intellectual superiority.

In fact, Pinehurst might be able to claim that it is home to the poster boy of said demented person. He is John Strickland, mayor of Pinehurst, registered Republican, and a member of the Country Club of North Carolina.

That thumbnail bio is important by way of understanding why Strickland is well on his way to becoming Public Enemy No. 1. 

Mayor Strickland, right, during Holly Arts Fest.

Despite broad public sentiment and a planning and zoning board opposing him, Strickland is unrelenting in his desire to eviscerate private property rights and steamroll the short-term home rental market in Pinehurst. The Pinehurst Village Council has twice delayed voting on a measure to scale back and, eventually, stop short-term rentals (STRs) after throngs of citizens lined up to speak out against Strickland and two council members (also so-called Republicans), Jane Hogeman and Pat Pizzella, who will act in lockstep to ensure a 3-2 deciding vote. What are the odds of three anti-Capitalist Republicans ending up on the same board?

The Council meets at 8 a.m. this Wednesday, October 26, in Assembly Hall at 395 Magnolia Road, to re-visit the STR issue. Time will be allocated for public comment. Comments also can be submitted by email to The meeting will be livestreamed via the Village web site,  

Pinehurst has two engines of commerce tied to the golf industry. It has the all-encompassing Pinehurst Resort, which operates nine golf courses, a sprawling merchandise/pro shop, one grand hotel, three inns and multiple dining venues, along with the members-only Pinehurst Country Club and its private merchandise shop. The secondary engine is fueled by area golf facilities, gated/residential, semi-private and public, which accept tee time reservations booked by golfers who are not resort guests.

Where do these golfers reside when they visit? Many choose from a roster of area hotels, from bargain to slightly less-than-bargain. Seasoned golf groups have over the years rented private homes for their “buddy trips”. As a former owner of a golf-centric rental home, I can report enjoying 14 years of rental revenue and relatively low maintenance. Golfers come and go leaving things generally unscathed. Occasionally, they rearrange furniture, or spill on the carpet, or discombobulate the cable TV settings. And they almost never clean the gas grill after grilling. All were minor inconveniences for the owner and a competent property manager.

Strickland claims these golfers are a plague on our community, a blight on our daily lives. 

As the Pinehurst STR market grew exponentially due to the advent of VRBO and airbnb, and other online rental portals, Strickland become ever more tyrannical about stopping it cold. (Historians will remind Strickland that cottage rentals have been integral to Pinehurst’s popularity since the early 1900s).

His zeal is such that he is uncaring about collateral damage, including squeezing a revenue stream that will cripple the balance sheets of the Country Club of North Carolina, where he is a member.

Contemplate the absurdity of this. A STR home on a random street in Pinehurst might, conceivably, become occupied by a group of young golfers, set free for a weekend without spousal supervision, who decide to drink too much, swear too loudly, and crank up the sound system too late into the night. In that rare case, a neighbor would be within the bounds of reason to call on the Pinehurst PD to the pay a visit to the party house. If it keeps happening, law enforcement and the Village would take steps to penalize the homeowner. Problem solved.

At CCNC, there are 14 rental homes within the gates. Who rents these homes? Members of CCNC, typically the state and national members, those who do not live on the grounds or in the area. As such, there is no comparison between STRs in the broader community and those in the pool at CCNC. But Strickland pointedly refuses to draw a distinction or make an exception. 

In a recent letter to its membership, club president Mark Reinemann detailed the board of directors’ position:

“CCNC is at a near historical low in available homes given the real estate buying frenzy of the last several years. We need to expand the number of rental homes, not cap them. Not only is this an obvious impact on our members who travel to CCNC and typically stay at one of our rental homes, it also impacts individual homeowners who plan one day to place their homes in the rental pool at CCNC for a variety of reasons.”

The loss of rental home income would negatively impact the club’s annual revenue stream by millions of dollars because of Strickland’s reckless plan.

Overall, the economic damage to Pinehurst’s STR owners, restaurants and pubs, and retail has the capacity to make Governor Roy Cooper’s maniacal pandemic lockdowns feel mild by comparison. Strickland’s “state of emergency” would be indefinite. But this assumes that his hand-picked predecessor, most likely Pizzella, is elected in the future.

Pat Pizzella

Meanwhile, a cascade of lawsuits is certain to be filed by all parties, which will almost certainly add to the long list of citizens fed up with Mayor Strickland, and for he and is “legacy” the timing could not be worse.

Early next year, candidates will begin filing to run for mayor in November 2023. Strickland has given his ideological foes (Republicans who know all too well he is not one of them) an irresistible campaign issue – the resurrection of short-term rentals by 2024, just in time for the return of the U.S. Open that summer.

Things never end well for tyrants, do they?