Parents unite

By Steve Woodward

Inconceivably, the decline of American culture found a deeper sinkhole in the opening days of February 2023 when The Grammy Awards descended into hell on live television.

Satan worship was elevated to a grand scale on CBS, once proudly known as The Tiffany Network, the home of 60 Minutes and The CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite.  

“And that’s the way it is,” Cronkite assured riveted viewers when he signed off five nights a week, and a nation was content that it was so (until Viet Nam War propaganda become too much, even coming from Cronkite). Generally, the “news” was a legitimate enterprise. 

Today, devotion to journalism of Cronkite’s time is dead, and the “way it is” in these United States is that we’ve lost our way. 

How do I know? Here’s how. There is not much that separates an over-the-top demonic light show to open The Grammys from the casual acceptance of the Left’s agenda for public and higher education. The same devotion to normalizing deviance is at work. Glorifying Satanic cult worship on prime-time network TV? Sure, why not? Graphic sexual encounters described in library books available to third graders? Yes, and with more to come.

Now that the unrepentant Left has been fully exposed as a terror cell infiltrating public education, it will not shrink into darkness to regroup and live to fight another day. It is emboldened by an updated narrative. Consider a recent editorial in The Wichita Eagle that said the quiet part out loud – parents who believe schools should provide a fundamental education for their children had best think again. Schools do not belong to parents, or their bigoted surrogates on school boards. They belong to race baiters and gender groomers; this is where we are. If you embrace Americanism and expect schools to do the same, prepare to face an educational landscape growing ever more hostile, or just go away and become homeschoolers.

Writes the cranky Kansan, “The sooner they’re gone, the better — and the sooner teachers can go back to teaching their students without having to constantly fend off baseless and graceless attacks from the MAGA wing of the political spectrum. … I’ve spent the last three years covering school board meetings and campaigns dominated by various wars over vaccines, face masks, books with LGBTQ characters, drag queens and critical race theory.

“I’ve had enough of this tribal tripe (emphasis added).”

Note the casual use of “teaching” and how the snowflake author tips his hand. Vaccines and face masks are a category of their own. The Left applauded imposing both mandates on children to protect their “health”. Or was there a stronger motive? In the same breath, the editorial defends obsessing over LGBTQ, drag queens and critical race theory as norms to be protected. Obsession with the former made the carrying out of the latter ever more possible. 

Or so they assumed. Reforming public education in traditional classroom settings while upholding the merits of private and home schooling are not mutually exclusive. In Moore County, public education reformers were despised by a “woke” school board that turned a blind eye to declining proficiencies in math and reading and increasing fights among students (even refusing to acknowledge fights captured on video). But following last November’s thorough denunciation by voters that added three new school board members committed to a turnaround, Moore is joining school systems around the nation that are on a glide path to restoring parental control. Of course, that will not stop vindictive defenders of filth and transgenderism from creating storm clouds.

Vigilance, always. Thus, it is encouraging that he N.C. Senate on February 7 was poised to vote for passage of a Parents’ Bill of Rights (SB 49), which requires that parents be notified when a name or pronoun assigned to their child suddenly changes. The bill also will ban explicitly sexual topics and discussion of gender identity options in K-4 classrooms. Opponents believe that schools and teachers should be able to facilitate gender grooming when parents try to stand in the way. That seems absurd because it is.

The N.C. House gets a shot at the bill next, and there is optimism that it will not punt as it did last November. Inevitably, reliable radical Gov. Roy Cooper probably will try to veto it unless a Democrat or two in the Senate are hearing from parents in their districts who have had enough. Passage will also marginalize the State Board of Education’s woke agenda. It can continue to decree whatever it wants from its lofty perch, but county school boards no longer are buying what the board is selling.


By Steve Woodward

NBC Sports football analyst and ex-NFL head coach Tony Dungy, a man of exceptional character and talent, is under siege by a very corrupt  media because he challenged its version of “truth”.

Dungy recently issued a concise tweet lamenting public education’s facilitation of gender fluidity, which is universally opposed in school districts nationwide. In particular, he sarcastically noted the possibility that school districts soon will be providing “litter boxes in school bathrooms for students who identify as cats.” This sounds insane, except for this: Students at Pinecrest High School have been known in recent years to arrive in cat attire (photo nearby), and not only on Halloween. Cats, once a Broadway show, is now a state of mind, or so it seems.

Sports Illustrated dutifully reported that Dungy “came under fire” for the tweet, which soon was deleted (probably because NBC Sports’ woke brass offered an ultimatum). And in rapid succession the lefties in sports media took their shots at Dungy for repeating a long ago “debunked”, mythical narrative about litter boxes in schools. 

But Dungy did not back down. Instead, he honored a commitment to be a speaker during the March for Life rally in Washington on its 50th anniversary. He was not going rogue. Dungy has spoken out against abortion throughout his life. This triggered a complete meltdown within the elite sports media, who are in reality no longer into balls and strikes, but more so balls and skirts. They love ‘em some drag.

“Dungy went ahead with his speaking engagement, using his athletic celebrity coupled with his religiosity as deodorant for a theme of intolerance,” wrote activist Washington Post “sports” columnist Kevin Blackistone.That came days after a tweet by Dungy for which he was rightfully and soundly denounced, shamed into apologizing and deleting his words.” Blackistone condemned Dungy for dismissing “student identity differences — and about the need to halt them … (and) disobliging the necessities of LGBTQ kids, and even those of kids of color.”

Blackistone seems to lament that Dungy is not black enough and, obviously, not woke enough. We must suppose that Blackistone detects racism any time he is covering a sports event in which a black athlete is called for a penalty or a foul. He must be exhausted by the end of the game. (This is the same columnist who condemned soccer icon Pele following his death at the end of 2022 because Pele did not oppose the dictators who controlled Brazil in his athletic prime). 

Google provides plenty of cover for the hysterical reaction to Dungy’s tweet about cat children. Search “high school furry trend” and you will find link after link pointing to accounts with headlines including, “How an urban myth about litter boxes in schools became a GOP talking point” (NBC News), and, “Fact-check: No evidence that U.S. schoolchildren are self-identifying and disrupting classrooms” (Reuters).

Yet, those willing to do nominal research quickly discover that the dress-up phenomenon has, in fact, proliferated across the land, in lock step with more “conventional” gender fluidity trends, including drag queen story time for children as young as elementary school age. 

Suppose litter boxes for school kids are disproven as widespread, like Bush 43’s weapons of mass destruction in Iraq two decades ago. Their absence does not excuse the dangerous inclinations of woke school systems to pander to the whims of children rather than addressing their potentially serious mental health problems. (Just as vanishing WMDs did not diminish Saddam Hussein’s reign of terror).

What the media actually was objecting to in Dungy’s case was what prompted his hair-trigger tweet in the first place. This same media that in years past hailed Dungy as a pioneering black NFL head coach has no patience for his conservative, Christian values today. How dare this football analyst cross the line, and on NBC, of all places, Trump Derangement Syndrome’s birthplace. 

Dungy was reacting to an unhinged demand by a Minnesota state legislator (Sandra Feist) that menstrual products be made available in boys bathrooms in state public and charter schools because, she argued, “not all students who menstruate are female.”

Not all television broadcasters who pontificate are woke. Put me in, coach.

Moore deceit

By Steve Woodward

Members of the Moore County Board of Health and its interim director, Matt Garner, are living in a parallel universe where it is still the year 2020, which would be laughable were it not so dangerous.

The board’s Moore Together campaign — promoted on its web site, in a poorly produced video and on Facebook — recommends continued reliance on experimental mRNA shots created by the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex, along with their so-called “life saving” boosters. The campaign is even sustaining the long debunked narrative promoting mask efficacy and social distancing.

The campaign is not a product of meticulous independent research and consultation with scientists and physicians. (When, if ever, has the board consulted local virologist Nixon Ellis, an early critic of school lockdowns?) Instead, it does nothing more than parrot the discredited Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which historians will record sought to control minds rather than outcomes and failed to prevent a lengthy list of unintended (perhaps) consequences by infringing on medical liberty and medical practice autonomy.

The health board and its empty initiatives reflect dereliction of duty on an order of magnitude. But it goes beyond that. They are duplicating a global propaganda campaign that has cost young healthy adults their well beings and, in thousands of cases, their lives.

In the face of alarming evidence that these experimental jabs do not prevent illness and do not strengthen immunity, while they do cause sudden death and debilitating injuries such as myocarditis (see the definitive book, “Lies My Govt. Told Me“, by Dr. Robert W. Malone), our county board of health is playing along and promoting a status quo burned into the minds of millions by Dr. Anthony Fauci and his collaborators around the world.

This is it’s advice in 2023:

“Viruses like COVID-19 and the flu mutate over time. After you have had the initial vaccines (one shot if you had Johnson & Johnson, two if you had Pfizer or Moderna), it is important to continue to receive boosters to combat new strains of the virus. While we do not know for sure (emphasis added), it is very likely COVID-19 boosters will become an annual recommendation just like the flu vaccine (because the pharma industry says so).

“COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective for almost everyone ages 6 months and older (emphasis added). Side effects (if any) are generally mild. If you have a pre-existing condition or other concerns, talk to your doctor. While vaccinations may not prevent your getting COVID-19, they have been proven effective in reducing the severity of the disease, hospitalization, and death. If you have had COVID-19, the current recommendation is to wait 90 days after testing negative before getting a booster.”

Contradictory data and reporting is readily available, of course, and has been going on two years. Malone, Dr. Joseph Mercola, independent journalists Alex Berenson and Dr. Naomi Wolf (author of “The Bodies of Others“), and Steve Kirsch, founder of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation, have rebuked Faucism time and time again. The Brownstone Institute, Children’s Health Defense and the FLCCC Alliance web sites are a living archive of research materials exposing one of human history’s darkest chapters.

Become informed. Then become engaged. Contact Board of Health director Garner: 910.947.1663. Demand accountability.

Myocarditis as cause of death across all ages who are vaccinated (Mercola)

FDA, Pfizer knew mRNA injections cause teen myocarditis (Wolf)

Taiwan study: Heart symptoms spike after second Pfizer mRNA jab (Berenson)

Immune systems under siege in boosted (Berenson): “Too bad we didn’t work on that before we stuck a billion-plus people with mRNA.”

Lax standards the norm for COVID drug approvals (Brownstone Institute)

mRNA shots increase risk of contracting COVID-19 (Cleveland Clinic/The Gateway Pundit

COVID gaining resistance to Paxlovid miracles drug (The Plague Chronicle)

“Died Suddenly”: The Documentary Film of a Generation (Matthew Skow/Nicholas Stumphauzer). Click to view.

New book: “Pfizer Documents Report: What Pfizer, FDA Tried to Conceal” (Amy Kelly). Click to order.

Equally egregious, the Moore Together campaign makes not one mention of combating flu and respiratory illnesses by strengthening one’s immunity, or how to achieve same. You will find zero mention of highly effective supplements such as Vitamin B, C, D; Quercetin; turmeric; and zinc. There also is zero guidance about what to do when testing “positive” for a variant of the Wuhan Virus (aka, COVID). No mention of therapeutics like Ivermectin.

Instead, we are directed to “isolate, wear a mask (and) … get lots of rest.” A passing reference to the option of taking an “antiviral medication” can be found. If you ask most physicians, they will suggest Big Pharma’s COVID offshoot revenue stream (second only to potentially deadly mRNA shots). It’s marketed as Paxlovid. It has been a $10.6 billion flop. In fact, as evidenced by none other than President Joe Biden’s COVID bout last summer Plaxovid causes a bizarre “rebound” effect. He was positive. He was negative. Oops, he was once again positive.

Writes mRNA creator Dr. Malone, the worst case scenario attached to Plaxovid came true: “Viruses resistant to Paxlovid are spawned, the virus population explodes and then the ‘rebound’ effect is observed – only this time with Paxlovid resistant strains.” Don’t take his word for it, Malone adds:

“Paxlovid manufacturer Pfizer and the Food and Drug Administration have both acknowledged reports of rebound COVID-19 cases associated with the drug.”

Moore Together is merely peddling 2020 logic to those who insist on running out to have a virus test when they feel a tad unwell, and who accept all positives, false or not. It’s surprising they have not adopted the annoying 2020 “Stay Safe” salutation as a tagline.

Here is our advice in 2023: Stay informed.

20 + 1

By Steve Woodward

Although far too many Americans know nothing about our nation’s history, we would not have one — a nation or a history — were it not for a determined collection of men, who might in another era have been celebrated for their intellect but were, because of the time in which they lived, best known for their courage.

The Founding Fathers. I suppose, today, we might encounter more than a few in academia who dismiss these men as racist white supremacists. They were indeed supreme. They envisioned a nation born of independence from tyranny — an idea that in that day was seen as ludicrous.

Here we are in 2023. History is repeating. Twenty members of the U.S. House of Representatives gathered their ranks, stood in the breech and, in the spirit of our founders, said, HELL NO!

It has been hilarious to watch cable TV morons calling out the “chaos” being imposed on our government because 20 Americans, duly elected, decided to crush the status quo. Who elected them? Why were they elected? To carry out the will of citizens across the land who have no voice.

The 15 rounds of voting that resulted in Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) becoming Speaker of the House were not a side show, were not disruptive, were not scandalous. The Declaration of Independence was not etched with a rubber stamp. It was fought for by wise individuals who knew how to deliberate.

The “20” have restored the fight inside the corridors of power and in doing so honor our Founders. Among them was North Carolina’s Dan Bishop, who represented Moore County during his just concluded term and was elected to represent a different district (NC-08) in November.

During 11 rounds of voting for Speaker, Bishop stood firm against McCarthy. On January 5, Bishop (photo nearby) nominated young up-and-comer Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL). After “the 20” squeezed McCarthy’s camp on concession after concession to empower conservatives on key House committees, Bishop relented on the 12th vote and swung to McCarthy — but not without having the last word.

“Let me help my colleagues in the minority understand, we are doing the peoples’ business,” Bishop said. “We are committed to (bring) change to this institution that has lost its way. It is epitomized in the $1.7 trillion omnibus rammed through this institution just two weeks ago. Ladies and gentlemen, I came to fix this broken system.”

Challenges to McCarthy led by Reps. Lauren Boebert (CO), Matt Gaetz (FL) and Chip Roy (TX), among others, were not personal in nature. They were designed to restore order to the governing process and end the operation of the House as a “fiefdom”, as observed by Real America’s Voice contributor Frank Gaffney.

To prove that he is serious and was not merely caving under the intense scrutiny imposed by Freedom Caucus zealots (which are needed in greater supply), McCarthy now must shepherd through an extensive “rules package” that he agreed to to preserve his ambitions to be Speaker. These are not ground breaking new rules that will remake the House but are, in fact, a return to fundamental tenets of governance. In other words, a complete denunciation of Pelosi-era iron fist rule.

Accepting his ascendency to Speaker in the wee hours of January 7, McCarthy revealed that there was a 21st individual who helped sway the outcome. He also is known as 45. President Donald Trump. McCarthy said Trump influenced a scenario in which five others joined Florida’s Gaetz in voting “present” on the 15th vote for Speaker, which lowered the number of votes McCarthy needed to prevail.

McCarthy praised Trump for being “with me from the beginning.” On that point the Speaker missed the point. It is more plausible to assume that Trump’s artful dealing behind the scenes intended to defang McCarthy and impose rules on House conduct that will contain impulses among uni-party Republicans in Name Only (RINOs) to betray conservatism.

Seems that rumors of MAGA’s death were greatly exaggerated.

Two years later

By Steve Woodward

While generally skeptical about so-called resolutions prompted by one month bleeding into another, I nonetheless resolve to torment hypocrites and Marxists (Democrats) as never before in 2023.

What other choice do we have? Anthony Fauci is retiring but his legacy — gain-of-function, fear, masking, boosters — is not going away. In fact, it is going to places heretofore uncontemplated. Vaccinated sheep (citizens) we are told now are more vulnerable to upcoming “variants” of the Wuhan virus. And pay no attention to vaccinated healthy young adults becoming ill or dying “suddenly”. 

The blank canvas that is 2023 should not be frittered away at the hands of status quo Republicans. The battle in the U.S. House of Representatives to name its speaker reinforces a pressing need to deflect establishment forces. Our Founding Fathers did not create their framework to limit conflict within a party; they envisioned a battlefield upon which bold ideas and deep passion would overwhelm hypocrisy and political fraudsters. 

Were we to summon a fraction of the determination that drove the Founders just think what we might accomplish. Locally, we would create a coalition to insure that a drag show never would darken our community again. We would direct our school board to eradicate gender grooming and race theory from public education. And we would challenge our county commissioners to marginalize the county board of health — over which it presides — so that it never again intrudes on public education by recommending school closures, masking and subjecting children to experimental mRNA injections.

But we also must stand resolute against purveyors of revisionist history as we approach the second anniversary of the unity rally of January 6 in Washington, where your correspondent traveled to chronicle what would unfold. We know many brothers and sisters who came and went without so much as raising their voices an octave, while raising objections that D.C. government chose to limit rest facilities apparently in an effort to disperse the “mobs” of seniors, families and young Republicans. The choice was clear: urination or defend the nation. 

Apart from the planted, scripted disrupters who raged into the Capital two years ago, those who merely showed up are now, two years on, still sobered by what our nation looked like after the crowds went home and the Biden Administration ascended. Where we are in 2023 affirms that our motivation to assemble in Washington on that fateful January day in 2021 was prescient.

To the extent that a few hundred people swelled into the Capitol we now see how that modest demonstration pales in comparison to the trampling and burning down of societal norms in the aftermath. We might ask, where was the outrage on that January afternoon amid news that the lone fatality was an unarmed military veteran (Ashli Babbitt) who was gunned down in cold blood by a Capitol police officer? Why does January 6 merit a “commission”? Where are the commissions denouncing violence on America’s streets that, by comparison, make that citizens’ rally look like a county fair? Innocents who participated that day still rot in D.C. jail cells charged with taking selfies. But who was doing the plundering of our democracy in reality? Facebook and Twitter, of course. When will those digital accomplices be shackled and sent away?

Two years on, the Left is waging its own insurrection. Look no further than an essay I endured in a recent, Dec. 31-Jan. 1 weekend edition of The Wall Street Journal. It is worth noting that, in order to fill up the sections in weekend Journals, editors give voice to authors who would prefer to be published in The New York Times. The Journal helps them audition. 

Zachary Karabell, who is the founder of the ominously named Progress Network, wrote to praise 2022 as as year in which “far more went right … than most of us recognize”. One can only imagine from which penthouse or city brownstone the author was perched as he typed fervently to remind us that 2022 was the year “climate technology was supercharged” by $400 billion allocated through Biden’s absurd Inflation Reduction Act. (In China, the equivalent would be the Oppression Reduction Edict). 

Mr. Karabell is positively giddy in reminding readers that voter suppression laws failed (but misses the point that no such laws existed). Without a hint of irony, he claims “voters surged to the polls in (2022) despite fears (expressed only by left wing media) that laws passed in states such as Georgia and Texas would lead to voter suppression.” 

The illogical Mr. Karabell goes on in his rambling essay to praise wage gains for citizens he disparages as “workers” — up by 6% in 2022 — “that did not (emphasis added) for most of the year keep pace with inflation.” Not to worry, he writes, “inflation moderates”. Just as urban crime waves sweeping our nation moderate. Some nights are less deadly than others. 

2022 was a train wreck but, apparently, Mr. Karabell blissfully travelled on a parallel track.

The reliably moderate Gerard Baker, in his weekly Journal column, tried to ease into a new year by calling for an ideological truce. “Can we start to work to eradicate the binary mind-set that has seized our thinking about the kind of society and world we think we should live in?” Baker asks.

He answers his own question near the end of the column — as if the more he kept typing the more he was talking himself out of the premise. (As editor emeritus, Baker should impulsively have send the column back for a re-write). 

Baker continues: herein is “the great conundrum for the more skeptical among us: Advances in the lot of humanity have rarely come from calls for moderation and humility, but from true believers — zealots who convinced enough people that the choice they faced really was a binary one between good and evil.”

Citizens who endure wages ravaged by bad economic policy, and law and order dysfunction driven by the “woke”, deserve our fierce defense of their liberties, no matter the cost.

If parents with children in government run indoctrination centers (schools) must become zealots to reform the system, let them do so boldly. If mechanical ballot tabulation presents a binary choice between integrity and fraud, we must go full binary to expose the Left. If U.S. border security is de-emphasized even as Ukrainian border security is funded by an American Congress to the tune of $100 billion; if medical tyranny advanced by thinly veiled lies threatens livelihoods, mental health and the well being of healthy young adults; if we observe the normalization of transgenderism and the rejection of Judeo-Christian values in our communities; if the very foundation of American exceptionalism is crumbling under the iron boot of the Left’s Great Reset in pursuit of a one-world order; well, then what?

With grudging apologies to Mr. Baker, the task is not to eradicate a mind-set. The task is to eradicate enemies within.