Bannon’s cannon

By Steve Woodward

How often do our elected “servants” (a.k.a., public officials, leaders, lawmakers) provoke deep inside of you a profound sense of disappointment? Then, after you process the disappointment, how often does this begin to corrode your natural optimism? And then, when do you cross into the abyss where disappointment is channeled into intense anger, followed by consuming rage that becomes freedom?

Freedom? Yes, friends. Your shackles can be broken.

Those of us who know, know. To borrow from the recently acclaimed documentary, we know the sound of freedom when it rings. It is an inner voice that liberates the soul. It is a stirring within that unleashes absolute clarity of purpose. 

Embracing this is rewarded by an awakening to the hypocrisy, deceit and hollowness that defines American politics, even, and especially, at the grass roots.

This is why I can’t wait for, in fact I am giddy about, the arrival of Stephen Kevin Bannon in Moore County on the occasion of the annual Lincoln-Reagan Dinner hosted by, and for the benefit of, the Moore County Republican Party. 

The party’s overlords eagerly agreed to bring in a nationally known Conservative standard-bearer who will whip us into a frenzy. What a golden opportunity to raise money and fortify the local coffers. That it is.

But let me issue a warning. Mr. Bannon (photo nearby) is not coming to Moore County on October 27 to endear himself to those who can set him up with desirable golf tee times, or a nice hotel room. He will not appease Republican establishment types so as to be a polite guest. He is coming to crush the Leviathan. The host of the daily, live streamed War Room — an oasis in defiance of compliant corporate media — is coming to inspire and unify the MAGA movement. There is certain to be a stirring of our “January 6” souls during Bannon’s remarks.

Not all souls, of course. We witnessed a clear line of demarcation within the Moore delegation attending last summer’s North Carolina Republican Party convention. Around half of the delegates were unwavering in their support of censuring U.S. Sen. Thom Tillis, who betrayed core principles when seeking to “reach across the aisle” on an immigration “reform” bill in the Senate in 2022.

The others in the Moore delegation refused to stand in support of the censure. Tillis (photo nearby) also was willing to cave and was lured into the Left’s mission to protect LBGTQ “rights” and undermine Second Amendment rights, legitimate, Constitutional rights.

But what about party unity? cried fellow Moore Republicans. As if we had misunderstood Tillis’ intentions. As if he knows best. Ridiculous. But now we connect the dots from 2022 to the present. We know hundreds of thousands – hundreds – of illegal immigrants have crossed the U.S. southern border. We know thousands upon thousands are young men who can easily be trained as enemy combatants on our soil. 

Perhaps censuring a U.S. senator who does not recognize the inherent danger of a porous border, or who weighs any “deals” that grant amnesty to savages, does not go far enough. Images of blood soaked, decapitated civilian bodies in Israel warn us what an unchecked border invasion portends for the United States. What do weak Republicans like Tillis and Democrats need to see on our city streets? Do we need breathtaking images of decapitated bodies on Fayetteville Street in the heart of Raleigh to realize the consequences of their indifference, or worse, facilitation?

“That day is coming,” Bannon said during his October 9, 2023, War Room live stream.

(On his official web site, Tillis is a border security hardliner these days. Coincidence?)

U.S. Rep. Richard Hudson (NC-09), if he shows up, will be out of his comfort zone in the ballroom of the Country Club of North Carolina. During his Reagan dinner remarks, Bannon might remind Hudson, indirectly or not, that his implicit, unwavering support of disgraced, feckless House Speaker Kevin McCarthy indicts him as an accomplice in the crime of spinning up the national debt centrifuges.

U.S. Rep. Richard Hudson (NC-08) tames a RINO on the House floor, January 6, 2023.

You don’t think Bannon will go there? He might just be getting started. Hudson, if he shows up, is low hanging fruit. He votes for CRs. A longtime, self-described advocate for American military men and women due to his district’s proximity to Fort Bragg, Hudson nonetheless is in lockstep with sending billions upon billions of dollars to Ukraine to fund a “war” against Russia that has no strategic or outcome strings attached. Hudson has yet to respond to a direct question about where he stands on the impeachment inquiry opened to expose the Biden crime cartels.

Who was asking? Your humble messenger. Silence also was the response to questions about McCarthy’s failed speakership or appropriation bills versus an unchecked omnibus spending bill (a.k.a., business as usual).  

Rep. Dan Bishop (NC-08), who is moving to Moore County and running for NC Attorney General in 2024, might be skewered, too. 

Bishop was one of 21 full throated House Republicans who decried unchecked spending and continuing resolutions during the recent showdown. But Bishop would not vote to end McCarthy’s speakership. Bishop told a news outlet he feared unseating McCarthy would sow seeds of chaos. But let’s ask a practical question out of the War Room handbook: Is chaos not a desirable alternative to a bankrupt U.S. economy? It’s not a kicked can bouncing down the road to serfdom, it’s a trash dumpster. And it’s on fire. 

As an enlisted member of the War Room posse and regular viewer/listener, I can guarantee Bannon will take down the Biden administration and its surrogates with tactical precision when he addresses us. Not only is Ukraine an ongoing failure, now we watch the devastating Hamas terrorist attack on Israel, which never happens if the Chinese bioweapon was not unleashed in late 2019. This handed the Left in the United States a perfect storm through which to compromise election integrity and leverage a looming health “crisis”. 

Now, here we are in 2023. Trump is not president but the MAGA movement is surging. Pollsters are thinking about committing suicide because their surveys forecast another Trump term, despite, or because of, virulent lawfare waged against him, his family, and his business empire.

Despite the present scenario, let us not ignore the fact that so-called centrist Republicans, better known as RINOs, have within their ranks committed Never Trumpers, and still others who suffer, they say, from Trump fatigue. He should go away. He can’t win. And let us also not ignore that some of these anti-Trumpers, card carrying members of the Moore County GOP, will be seated in the ballroom on October 27 when Bannon approaches the podium dressed in his signature all black garb.

Bannon has no patience for these weak Republicans who quietly choose to live in a mediocre country and shudder when contemplating  a Trump victory in 2024. They watch the staged “presidential debates” on Fox News Channel hoping for the emergence of a Trump Light figure. Bannon has no patience for those of this ilk. Correctly, he calls Ron DeSantis and other 2024 pretenders the “Keebler Elves”. 

When Bannon goes down the path where prisoners are not taken, the proctologists in the house will be thankful they are not on call. That dull sound engulfing the ballroom will be all of the puckering sphincters puckering in unison. 

Bannon will remind these navel gazers that under Trump we tallied victories. Under Biden we tally body counts. In Afghanistan, 13 American soldiers dead after a botched (or deliberate) mass exodus (photo nearby). In Ukraine, since the Russian invasion began, we mourn more than 26,000 civilian casualties, yet Biden will keep sending billions of dollars without any assurance that Ukraine will turn the tide and save its innocent citizens from slaughter. In Israel, as of this writing, nine U.S. citizens are confirmed dead as a result of the Hamas terror attack indirectly funded by a $6 billion U.S. care package sent to Iran. (Untold U.S. citizens are missing in Israel. Is it a matter of time before a U.S. corpse is paraded through the streets?)

At home, there is a running Biden death tally, too. In 2022, 73,654 people died from a fentanyl overdose in the U.S., more than double the deaths from three years prior in 2019. Fentanyl often originates in China before it crosses the U.S. southern border via paid smugglers who are not deterred by immigration authorities.

During a recent War Room diatribe, Bannon previewed what we can expect to hear during his Pinehurst visit. My advice to the staff at CCNC: Keep the cash bar open late. Some of our folks are going to need a drink. They just don’t know it yet.

Bannon (October 6, 2023, War Room): “Being a Southerner it’s disgraceful that the South, almost as a block, with a few, limited exceptions … votes as a block for the Uni-party. How does that work? … If you’re from the South, if you’re a Southerner, a proud Southerner, call, ask. Why is the South always voting as a block for the establishment? Why are you bagged and tagged, why are you owned? 

“(During the upcoming vote for House speaker) I want to hear from this (War Room) audience. This is you. We own it; you drove it. Now we’ve got to take it to its ultimate conclusion. We need radical transparency. Not behind closed doors, not a big group hug (of) unity. We want to see the sausage being made, and we want to see the votes as they’re cast (for the next Speaker). You’re not going to hide. We want to know where you are on every ballot, just like we did it in January.

“Why are we doing this (post-McCarthy)? Because the cartel, the lobbyists, the corporate interests want to do it behind closed doors. Because they’re putting the knife in you, and (will) not be blamed. No. We want it all out in public, we want radical transparency. We’re not going to let you hide. We’re going to turf all of you out. You’re not going to hide from the American people, and you’re particularly not going to hide from MAGA. MAGA got you in here. You’re not going to stiff (us).” 

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  1. “Why is the South always voting as a block for the establishment?” Huh? I count 27 members of the House Freedom Caucus from the South. Mat Gaetz is from Florida. Mark Meadows, NC.

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