By Steve Woodward

Maui only a few weeks ago was a remote paradise. Now it’s a crime scene, a war zone and an open air morgue.

More than 100 deaths are confirmed but the state and local government’s disdain toward media call into question the accuracy of this number. Positively identified casualties remain in the single digits, suggesting willful negligence created a perfect firestorm that vaporized victims, including countless children.

The lone consolation to be derived from the likely turn of events is that Maui’s citizens were dead before they had a chance to be terrified.

“This is the most catastrophic thing I’ve ever seen,” said independent reporter Nick Sorter, who was essentially ambushed as he began a livestream report before 6 a.m. near a hotel 45 minutes from the wildfire’s ground zero. Someone, or a group of people, knew where to find him and were not welcoming.

Sorter reports that mounting evidence will reveal that Maui is “not a natural disaster” even as he predicts that a “vast majority of the more than one thousand missing are dead.”

Who or what is to blame? An electric utility that years earlier shifted its focus and investments away from power line safety to pursue a clean energy agenda. A water utility that viewed water as a resource to be preserved and worshipped, literally, rather than rushed into service as fires surged. Fire fighters report attaching hoses to hydrants that were not connected to a water source. And, finally, a cowardly civil servant — who has resigned for “health reasons” — after failing to engage Maui’s renowned siren system ahead of the onset of the sweeping flames.

In the aftermath, it is beginning to look as though survivors of the catastrophe will suffer more than the deceased.

President Biden’s Maui vacation concludes. Aloha, suckers.

“The people in these surrounding communities have been faced with a situation where they had no power,” said former U.S. Representative Tulsi Gabbard, who sternly denounced and walked away from the Democrat party earlier this year. “They were told they couldn’t drink the water out of the faucet. Roadblocks were being put in place. So they had to turn to each other as a community to get food and to get the kind of immediate, basic support they needed. They didn’t see anybody from any level of the government for over a week after this catastrophe happened.”

Judging by the petulance displayed by Maui’s mayor and Hawaii’s governor, Democrats all, and the utter indifference shown by the Biden Administration toward the dilemma of those on the ground, citizen journalism is emerging as the only reliable sources.

Sorter, who earlier in 2023 peeled back the coverups following the East Palestine, Ohio, train derailment and chemical mushroom cloud, is not the only one who suspects the true story of Maui’s devastation is being suppressed.

Another truth warrior is Allisen Medina.

“I know there are at least 480 dead here in Maui and I don’t understand why they’re [the authorities] not saying that. Maybe it’s to do with DNA or something,” she told the British news outlet The Daily Mail.

Medina has spent the past two weeks helping out displaced wildfire victims in Lahaina, a grim ghost town. She said some fellow residents have discovered the charred remains of their own loved ones.

“I do know they ran out of body bags by the first or second night and had to ship some in from the mainland,” she told the Mail. “I have a personal friend who lost her parents, sister and her 10-year-old nephew. She went in [to Lahaina] and saw them there.”

During the peak of Wuhan virus hysteria, death tolls were displayed in the lower right of CNN and MSNBC screens daily. The same corrupt media today has no interest in death tolls out of Maui.

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