By Steve Woodward

Conservative talk radio personality Chris Plante coined a brilliant word to describe short-term memory loss among members of the corrupt corporate media.


It is diagnosed as the involuntary — or willful — failure to recall recent historic events, especially the most consequential.

Ask a Newsheimer’s addled Lefty in Summer 2023 how we have arrived at this grim moment in time for America, its cultural fabric frayed and tattered. You are likely to be greeted by a blank stare. Then, of course, you’d resort to flash cards as if preparing Joe Biden for a press conference.

Hunter Biden. Who? The Wuhan Lab. What? Election Day 2020 fraud. Where? Defund police. When?

And you could keep going: Diversity, inclusion, equity. Social distancing. “We are all Ukrainians”. Open borders. Drag queen story hour for kids.

More blank stares. These were the crucial elements of the Left’s Trump loathing narrative, artfully woven to crush the economy and trample basic freedoms beginning in 2020. The Left did not unleash the virus but it made it a more virulent weapon than all but the most evil hearted could have imagined.

Newsheimer’s also rears its head as an excuse for full blown historic revisionism. Consider these newsy nuggets from way back when in 2019-20. Trump’s Mideast peace accords have been vaporized. Energy dominance, aka, $2/gallon gasoline, never happened. A U.S. embassy in Jerusalem, merely a footnote. Mexican military patrolling the southern border at Mexico’s expense? A fleeting moment now forgotten. Record low black and Hispanic unemployment of 2019 might as well now be considered highly classified data stored in Biden’s Delaware garage.

On ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC and NBC, and in the pages edited by the Biden cult-enablers at the New York Times and Washington Post, the citizenry is portrayed as incapable of connecting the dots from then to now. The Left has elevated delusion to new heights. The deliberate politicization of China’s bioweapon, the Wuhan Virus (aka, Covid-19), played no role in crippling the economy and compromising how election officials carried out — or neglected — their duties in Fall 2020. The beginning of time traces back no further than January 6, 2021.

Overnight, a roaring U.S. economy, geopolitical stability and border security ambitions screeched to a halt, even as the absurd notion that Joe Biden would be a viable presidential candidate gained traction amid a tsunami of suspect mail-in ballots bearing unverifiable (or no) signatures.

Fifty years ago (pre-social media and cable TV), President Richard Nixon was on the ropes because he was accused of risking his presidency to “cover up” a burglary inside the Democrat party’s Washington headquarters. The Washington Post, which back then was heralding the NFC champion Washington Redskins advancing to Super Bowl VII, conveniently overlooked that Nixon did not authorize the break-in ahead of the run up to his landslide re-election in November 1972.

Consider how American history might have shifted if Nixon had been a Democrat. Similar to today’s ongoing revisionism, the Watergate Hotel burglary would quickly have been sent down the collective memory hole. One or more Nixon surrogates would have been smeared into oblivion (i.e., Hunter’s former business “partners”) after which attention would have turned to assigning blame for the Viet Nam war, campus unrest and a coming decade of economic malaise to Republicans.

Newt Gingrich observed this as a young, just elected Congressman, and he is watching today with bemusement.

Because of the Watergate fiasco, “John Mitchell became the first attorney general to be sent to jail,” Gingrich wrote in an op-ed for The Washington Examiner last May. “He was found guilty of conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and perjury. He was ultimately sentenced to 19 months in a minimum-security federal prison.

“Mitchell is an extremely important parallel to the current disaster, because Attorney General Merrick Garland seems to be doing a lot more obstructing of justice than Mitchell ever dreamed of doing. Mr. Garland’s Justice Department reportedly instructed the IRS to disband the unit investigating Hunter Biden’s taxes. He has used the FBI to harass former President Donald Trump and a wide range of Republicans.

“And he has turned a blind eye to every report of foreign money going to the Biden family ($3 million in one Chinese transaction, a diamond sent to Hunter Biden, millions of dollars sent by the widow of the mayor of Moscow, etc.).”

Yet, James Comey, John Brennan, Garland, Hunter Biden, Anthony Fauci, Christopher Wray, and Nancy Pelosi (who refused National Guard reinforcements on January 6, 2021), never will be demonized as modern day John Mitchells. A Hollywood hit on the heels of Nixon’s downfall shared the title of Bob Woodward’s epic book, “All The President’s Men”. The inference was that Nixon was surrounded by loyal, lawless henchmen

Quaint. Today’s Marxist loyalist henchmen, defenders of the rising, thuggish Left, are The Sopranos in contrast to Nixon’s mere choir boys.

This truth will not be as easily forgotten.

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