Our kids: The hunted

By Steve Woodward

What if an entity declared April “Bigot Month”? What if another organized group designated August as “Homophobia Month”?

Of course, these groups would not succeed. Corporations, television networks, universities, pro sports leagues, and federal and state governments never would embrace these themes. Normal citizens would quickly dismiss them as well.

And, yet, Pride Month enjoys free rein, and now arguably attracts more attention than the well established Black History Month (February). Pride celebrations are infused into the culture by forces not readily identifiable. At least we know the origin of the Wuhan virus. But the Pride Plague seems to have spread like locusts, devolving from a focus on love to outright deviance and child molestation. Corporate geniuses willingly forfeit millions in profits to impose these vile themes on their customers.

In New York City a recent drag parade featured an orchestrated chant: “We’re here, we’re queer, and we’re coming for your children.”

So, let us assume that we must accept Pride Month every June. Let us accept that brands will forego sales and customer loyalty in favor of plastering products with rainbows and naughty nuns. Let us turn our backs on children watching drag shows with their obscene bodily gestures, and hearing books read out loud espousing girls denouncing their breasts and boys their penises.

Let’s just write off June as the one month of the year during which Americans turn away and allow the deviants to control the national narrative.

If we cut this deal, let’s make sure we get something in return. According to my extensive research (and the Ultimate Calendar of Heritage Months), January, April, August, October and December have no official designations.

Here are some no-brainers for consideration. Military Salute Month. Religious Freedom Month. Mental Health Awareness Month. Morality Month. Family Month. Patriotism Month.

Let’s flood the calendar. Let’s start today. There are not enough months left for my personal favorite. But if a 13th month comes along, I’m campaigning rigorously for “Dressing in Adult Clothing Aboard Airplanes Month”. No pajamas. No hoodies. No crocks. Mandatory bathing. Baseball caps forbidden.

A man can dream.

Speaking of men, there is at least one who proposes extending Pride Month beyond June. He is the Biden administrations token transy, Admiral “Rachel” L. Levine (photo nearby), an assistant secretary in the Department of Health and Human Services. “She” used her Twitter account to lobby for a “Summer of Pride”. For those keeping track at home, Levine’s drag costume of choice is a military uniform.

It only was a matter of time before the cross-dressers would dare to overreach in an attempt to advance their vile agenda as a permanent feature of American life.

Columnist Deroy Murdock, an openly gay black man, recognizes where the Pridesters are going and is warning the “Gs” to distance themselves from the LBGTQ orgy.

Writing for The Daily Caller, Murdock observes, “The G in LGBTQIA2S+ stands for ‘Guilt by association.’ Normal gay people should flee the Alphabet People before we get fatally trampled.

“The original gay rights movement operated within America’s broadly Jeffersonian ethos: Individuals enjoy the liberty to pursue happiness, if they do not limit the rights of others.”

Other than an occasional case of gay couple threatening to sue a bakery or a florist for declining to participate in their wedding, our American society in the 21st Century largely has embraced the normalcy of legal gay marriage. But as with the crumbling of bygone racial and gender barriers, there always are extremists who decline to give us any credit.

This is precisely what Murdock fears among the emboldened maniacs elevated to cultural prominence by the ever invasive ad campaigns and demonstrations attendant to Pride Month.

“The Alphabet People cannot keep to themselves,” Murdock writes. “Instead, they are in everyone’s face 24/7/365. They sexualize damn-near everything, jackhammer girls’ sports, penetrate female spaces with male genitalia, erase women (Oops! I mean non-men), and — worst of all — covet America’s children.”

As disgust builds, June might soon be occupied by a parallel theme rising like a Phoenix: Leave Our Kids Alone Month.

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