By Steve Woodward

A wasp was in the earliest stages of crafting a nest under the roofline of our home when my wife coincidentally looked up and spotted it. A broom obliterated the nest and sent the wasp flying away.

Typically we fail to identify the silent toiling of wasps in springtime. By summer, an entire family is residing atop its fragile comb mansion and routinely terrorizing outdoor guests on the patio.

The Left has operated like clever wasps during the decade or so now behind us. It quietly has indoctrinated young minds, turning them against God, family and country. It has weaponized normal. It has turned weather from a topic for smalltalk into a crisis of climate change. It has re-defined racism to a point of absurdity — history texts, math problems, even highways, are racist. It has hijacked the judicial branch of government, aka, the courts. On a dime, it transformed a manageable health crisis into a tyrannical circus, the after effects lingering among us still.

And then along came the Make America Great movement which, in the view of the Marxist Left, was the enemy it had been waiting for, the cause on which all of its handiwork could be focused, and the justification for untold acts of aggression against people and institutions.

The Atlantic magazine’s April edition carried a cover story, “The New Anarchy: America faces a type of extremist violence it does not known how to stop”. Naively, I expected a deep dive into everything described above. Tyranny and the like.

The anarchists decried by the author are not the rabid, brick hurling, Fauci worshipping, church persecuting, gender grooming members of the wasp-like New Left. Oh no, the enemy is us. Donald Trump. Proud Boys. Parental rights activists at school board meetings. And all who dared set foot in our near the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Publication of the magazine’s at-a-minimum 10,000-word screed comes at the same time as a new book’s release — Get Trump, by Alan Dershowitz.

One of the great legal scholars of his time, Dershowitz is no MAGA Republican. He has said so often. But as he witnessed the psycho-wasps swarming in rage, Dershowitz could not merely observe from the sidelines. In defending Trump’s legal protections under the law, and for writing Get Trump, he has been demonized by the Martha’s Vineyard elites with whom he socialized for decades.

“Unconstitutional efforts to stop Trump from retaking the presidency challenge the very foundations of our liberty: due process, right to counsel, and free speech,” Dershowitz writes. “Those who justify these dangerous departures from the rule of law argue that threat posed by a second Trump presidency is ‘different’ and ‘immediate’, while the departure from constitutional norms are longer and more abstract.”

Trump is the most glaring and highest profile target of maniacal “wasp wrath”. But wasps’ nests are everywhere, and the patriot anarchists feared by The Atlantic are not in the same league. Not even close.

Meanwhile, here in Moore County, the windshield road kill insects of irrelevance (not wasps, more like flies) addicted to drag shows, sexually graphic library books and transgender grooming are still trying to calm down after a recent move by the school board to restore order.

The Board of Education, comprised of six out of seven members elected overwhelmingly to Make Students Great Again, is painting with bold strokes because that is what is required to put county schools back on a path to education reform. It adopted on April 17, 2023, a Parents’ Bill of Rights. The Pilot calls it a policy that forces our schools to communicate with parents when a student adopts different “pronouns”. Heretofore, the mindset of many indoctrinated teachers has been that Mom and Dad are the problem, the catalyst that has driven a child to question his gender. The bill of rights merely requires teachers to share any mental health red flags with parents where their children are concerned. The problem here, say the critics, is that parents are inconvenient.

Here is the bottom line. The Pilot despises the current school board because it represents the values of the vast majority of Moore County parents, grandparents and taxpayers at large. The former “woke” school board, propped up by The Pilot despite its dereliction of duty, is no more. We won. They lost. But, in victory, we must be vigilant and defiant.

Let’s get on with it.

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  1. Thanks. We need people in big numbers at BOE meeting to support our Board and our County Commissioners also

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