Mask destruction

By Steve Woodward

Courtesy of Twitter, we encounter daily cases of mass psychosis that infest the land, transforming seemingly intelligent people into willing prisoners who derive pleasure from complying to a higher authority. (As for God, they would advise that He take a number and get in line behind the otherworldly, Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates et al).

Dr. Deepti Gurdasani, a high priestess of COVID hysteria and self-described clinical epidemiologist and “intersectional feminist”, tweeted devastating news that she became infected with COVID despite a total of six mRNA jabs and boosters, and fervent mask wearing. She fears infection occurred when she removed her mask at an airport for TSA, or “perhaps outdoors, swimming”.

Remember how we once were impressed when a person had the preface “Dr.” ahead of his name? Those were the days. Now the question is: what does “Dr.” actually stand for? Dork? Drumstick? Draconian?

Drumstick Gurdasani also commented that she has experienced “a rough week”. Presumably, she refers to the effects of the Fauci-Wuhan-19 virus. Apparently, she did not die but it would be of interest to know the degree to which she was ill in contrast to past illnesses she has survived. Or maybe she was having a rough week because she looked into a mirror and saw a face that told her she has been wrong about everything for three years.

We could be tempted to chuckle contently, knowing these hysterical morons finally have been exposed. But we can’t afford to. The forces that have rocked our society for nearly three years are just getting started.

This is what we know in 2023. Masks were/are a joke. The “vaccinated” (mRNA jabs are not vaccines) are more susceptible to infection and re-infection, and inexplicable injury and sudden death. Natural immunity is at least twice as effective as any mRNA jab.

It’s all coming out. But the Dr. Deeptis of the world have no regrets. They probably feel empowered. And like addicts, they’re ready for another, more intense fix.

Laura Dodsworth, writing for the ever vigilant Brownstone Institute, nails it. The masks will come off for a time but the goal of masking has not been defeated.

“The behavioral scientists deliberately exploited the human desire to conform and literally said out loud that the public would ‘do the heavy lifting’ and enforce masks using social pressure,” Dodsworth wrote. “This was the case: if you refused to wear a mask, people stared or even shouted. Twitter shouted #WearADamnMask. Venues denied entry. (General practitioners) refused medical appointments to the unmasked.”

Friends barred us from their homes. Businesses we desperately wished to support turned us away. Let’s never forget that the Moore County Board of Education physically removed citizens who would not wear a mask while attending board meetings. This seems Orwellian now. But we lived it.

Worse was the vaccination cabal. Jobs lost. Careers ended. Reputations destroyed. Why? Because independent thinkers, formerly known as Americans, declined to consent to an experimental mRNA “remedy” — imposed on a free society by pharmaceutical companies funded by the federal government — that was not a vaccine and not even a deterrent.

Comply or die. That was the drum beat of government, pharma and media. It was a soft coup. The United States of America was overthrown before our eyes.

Where do we go from here? It sounds like cliche. But it is a vital question.

In this community, we go to the Board of Health meeting scheduled March 6 at 6 p.m. Two newly elected board members will be on hand, Julie Baugher, MD, and Tom LoSapio, member at large. These new members have been asking the same questions: Why have we been lied to? Why did this board parrot the false narratives of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)? Why did you participate in the destruction of our local economy and the unwarranted torture of children, who were denied freedom and a proper education?

Keep asking. Keep demanding accountability. Failure to do so soon brings us Pandemic 2.0.

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  1. Great questions that will garner only disdain from the WuFlu tyrants. We’re just back from 10 days in Germany and Switzerland. There are far more people wearing obedience-training face diapers in the Philly airport than we saw in Europe. More evidence it was all part of the effort to detail Trump’s re-election.

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