Stein way

By Steve Woodward

When a Democrat rolls into town to provide free advice about how to spend other people’s money it can be safely assumed a diversionary tactic is at play. 

NC Attorney General Josh Stein (D) arrives for an appearance in Moore County on September 26, 2022.

In the case of Attorney General Josh Stein, the play is, “I’m running for governor in 2024, and what better way to drive around the state oozing compassion than to talk about the opioid crisis and what we are doing about it.”

Stein and the Democrats never will address the root cause of the crisis, which is the nation’s deliberately unprotected border with Mexico. And the secondary cause is not likely to come up, either — two years of Left-imposed virus lockdowns, unconstitutional, that drove mental illness and drug dependency through the roof. 

Instead, Stein graced a small, clamoring gathering September 26 in the Moore County Agricultural Center in Carthage, to lead our wide-eyed servants through leveraging the so-called “national opioid settlement” intended to fund projects that “fight addiction and help save lives.” The settlement project involved a group of attorneys general suing opioid (drug) manufacturers and extracting $26 billion that will be doled out to states hardest hit by the opioid crisis, with an estimated $750 million headed to North Carolina’s 100 counties.

The devil will be in the details, and the suspicion is that Stein and fellow Democrats will distribute the funds with numerous caveats and strings attached, which is what brought Stein to Carthage. This money will be worth following in coming months and years as we see if it really is allocated to opioid programs, or is just moved round from one slush fund to another.

The Left that despises the Pharma giants who make the opioids fell on their collective knees when it came to their riding to the rescue on Wuhan virus vaccines. In this case, they were undisputed saviors and their profit motives are ignored entirely. Meanwhile, evidence continues to mount that the miracle virus vaccines have caused a plethora of injuries and fatalities, including among healthy adult athletes and children. Even worse, the vaccines are being exposed as having had negative efficacy over time. Will there be a settlement for those vaccinated against their will who now are now paying the price? Let us not hold our breath.

Stein’s compassion for human life was his calling card here in Moore, but when unborn life is on the table, literally, he is a fierce proponent of so-called abortion rights. He railed in a Twitter post after the U.S. Supreme Court neutered Roe v. Wade that “women’s reproductive freedoms” remain intact in North Carolina. 

But Stein failed to acknowledge that the Supreme Court’s Roe decision had an immediate consequence when, on August 17, 2022, a U.S. District judge reinstated a previously unenforced 20-week statewide abortion ban, citing the fact that his 2019 halting of the ban no longer was backed by legal foundation. 

We are then left to wonder why Stein forced a nervous grin in Carthage as he walked past a sign displaying this sentiment, “ABORT THE LEFT. ADVOCATE FOR LIFE.” Probably went over his head.

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  1. This summarizes my thoughts after reading The Pilot’s report on Stein’s visit and the preceding article . His “round table” invokes my image of dining out when the wait staff reviews the menu; I could hear the mtg participants licking their lips for those plentiful dollars to spend on their pet projects. And yes, Stein should rally the legal community to prepare to feast on the bounty of the future lawsuits regarding the long-term, adverse effects of the Covid vaccines. My, my!

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