Connecting dots

By Steve Woodward

“When are we going to do something?”

Salvador Ramos

This was “woke” NBA coach Steve Kerr of the Golden State Warriors, pounding the table, addressing the media in the immediate aftermath of the assassination of 18 elementary school children and three adults May 24 in southwest Texas. They died inside the walls of a rural school at the hands of a teen-aged local, Salvador Ramos, 18. He shot them to death before he was shot and killed by law enforcement.

The “do somethings” are correctly indignant. School shootings keep escalating.

But let us connect dots. Let’s deviate from the mainstream media narrative: Second Amendment zealots and lax gun control laws are killing children. The dots defy the narrative.

Dot: The nuclear family, in which a mother and a father nurture children, is vanishing. Or gone.

Dot: Unsupervised children consume wave after wave of content via social media that promotes anger toward societal norms, adults, law enforcement and the “privileged” (stable households). They become radicalized beneath our noses.

Dot: Flying under the radar, public school curricula teach children that the country in which they were born or now live is rooted in racism, was founded to oppress them and provides them no escape from their socio-economic status.

Dot: Aided and abetted by social media, children are groomed to question their purpose in life as defined by God and encouraged to reconsider gender as an off ramp from their tormented lives.

Dot: In communities near the U.S. southern border with Mexico (such as Uvalde, Texas, where the May 24 shooter rampaged), the nation only is beginning to grasp how waves of illegal immigrants, predominantly young men, are influencing stateside youth as they come into contact with drug runners, weapons peddlers, and human traffickers.

Dot: Do something. The federal government seems quite adept at hunting down citizens who walked into the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, and others deemed domestic terrorists. If we need to “do something”, turn the attention of these digital SWAT teams to the social media accounts of mentally ill teens such as the Buffalo supermarket shooter and the young Ramos in Uvalde. And their predecessors.

In the aftermath of May 24, Joe Biden took to national television to deride the “gun lobby” and legal gun owners. Always the same story. But the Left and its media enablers never are willing to take responsibility. They refuse to connect the dots. Instead, they disrupt the dots and set up the nation for the next hyped mass shooting while ignoring the every day violence in urban centers that takes even more innocent lives. These lives are lost one at a time. Where’s the outrage?

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