Fear itself

By Steve Woodward

As a prolific plagiarizer Joe Biden is missing an opportunity in 2022 to steal a great line at a time when Americans need to hear it.

We need Franklin Delano Biden to appear on national television proclaiming, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.”

The Wuhan Virus obviously decimated a small percentage of Americans struggling with and debilitated by life threatening comorbidity. In other words, absent China’s lab-manufactured virus, these individuals likely already were on a path to demise owed to morbid obesity, heart failure, diabetes and other terrible illnesses. Apart from family members, no one would have been aware of these deaths. They would not have been part of a CNN tally in the lower right screen.

Mortality is reality. Death in this world is permanent, contrasted by the promise of eternal life through Jesus Christ in his kingdom. And death does not care about a person’s age. Model and young conservative activist Zoe Bethel died recently after an auto accident. A Minnesota U.S. congressman, 59, died of kidney cancer (but the media could not help itself; it had to report that he also tested positive for the virus a month ago, as if that was relevant). A former Miss USA from North Carolina recently hurled herself off the balcony of a New York City high-rise at age 30. 

Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth, 95, reportedly tested positive for the “deadly” virus and is getting along just fine with “mild symptoms”. One can only imagine that her immune system is akin to a bank vault. 

An objective review of the “data” will conclude that a vast majority of Americans never were infected by the virus, and many that were never missed a beat, never felt ill. Some lived beneath the suffocation of a flimsy mask for months. Others never wore a mask day to day except under extreme cases of government tyranny, such as a still intact federal “law” that requires masking in airports and aboard commercial flights. (On a recent flight, masking was sporadic, and flight attendants were not prowling the aisle).

The real virus is fear. It has been leveraged, exploited, and imposed on our country’s psyche. I’m thinking we never will recover. 

CNN is reporting that immunocompromised children are terrified that mask mandates are — finally — disappearing. In public schools where masks no longer are required, students opt to keep them in place. These are not kids being safe. These are kids demonstrating that fear is ingrained in them. They’ve accepted the false notion that masks are both effective and symbolic of virtue. Wear the mask because you care. And wear it they will. For how long, we shall see.

Yet another attempt by The Pilot to issue guidance on how we should go about living appeared in the form of a February 19 editorial. Don’t dare leave your house until you read it. To wit, “It is time to learn to live with what we can’t rise above.” Have we not been doing that throughout the course of human history? And, as it turns out, we humans are pretty good at it.

On the other hand, do not get too comfortable. “It will be critical to keep people updated on the virus’ progression and prevalence,” warns The Pilot. “And it will be important to get into underserved communities to provide education on the virus.” The latter is particularly hollow in as much as local and state governments have largely failed to “get into” these communities with broadband internet, or a public education system that affords their kids a chance to read and write at acceptable grade levels. During the virus, we told them to “get into” your home, lockdown and learn at a later date. How do they recover from that?

And get on with your lives, by all means, unless you think better of it, preaches the sanctimonious author. “If you feel more secure and healthier wearing a face mask, you should wear one.” Please, especially when driving a car, or showering.

For the brave, The Pilot offers the continuing prospect of “safe and effective vaccines” (disputed by the federal government’s very own VAERS reporting system that tracks vaccine related adverse effects including death). And, what a relief, there are “fewer tables in restaurants.” Go back to normal everyone, except restaurant owners. For you guys, it is the year 2020 into perpetuity.

While it is rather easy to dismiss the keepers of the Nanny State as the idiots that they are, the stark reality is that we might soon actually get back to exercising American liberty as the delusional among us to move to the margins of society as they always do. But what does not go away, because government tyrants on the Left do no want it to, is the foundation that as been put in place to broaden the reach and tolerance of totalitarianism in our land.

Author and historian Rod Dreher, reports The Epoch Times (February 16, 2022), “believes that our fear of pain and struggle has been exploited by the elite class and created soft totalitarianism in the United States.” Just wear the mask, or get expelled. Just take the shot, or lose your job. Do as you are told by unelected bureaucrats, or else!

Dreher’s timely book, “Live Not By Lies”, concludes that the hysterical compliance of millions of Americans to unconstitutional public health emergency declarations, and unlawful vaccine mandates, are merely a window into their overall state of mind. Dreher’s book largely is based on interviews with immigrants from China, Nazi Germany, and the Soviet bloc.

“I would ask them, ‘Are the things you are seeing happening in America today, in terms of cancel culture — wokeness, things like that — does it remind you of what you left behind?’ Every single one of them said yes,” Dreher told The Epoch Times.

Every single one of them fear a repeat of their personal histories, or what they used to be told was “normal”.

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