America is back



By Walter B. Bull Jr.

Before the analysis of President Trump’s September 19 address to the United Nations is compartmentalized by liberal and conservative writers, I would like to put forth my unvarnished opinion.

I liked the tone and American themed text that was not politically driven drivel pushed by the unrealistic cadre of Democrat politicians. Many listeners didn’t care for his philosophy. The stony silence when our president brought up the long term track record of failed socialism and central control of an economy by strong men dictators indicates Mr. Trump was testing his audience.

Much of the UN audience clearly prefer autocratic control and the lavish trappings of a protected political class. In terms of population numbers many nations are quite small, economic output is rural, but the world organization delivers cover for poor countries to strut their stuff.

The speech was set in a current environment of escalating conflict on many fronts. The world stage has a variety of players. To those who identify a target and preach destruction by force or stealth, the message was to think of their own people rather than those perceived to be an enemy.

Some were called by name, especially North Korea, Venezuela and Iran. Trump pointed out that that they are now forced to think more about self-preservation in a world where the United States military can control the skies and deliver destruction to the ground from a variety of launch equipment.

The strategic planning and military capability, missing from our country’s psyche since Ronald Reagan, is back. Gone is the thinking of Barack Obama who believed in a global world. Gone is a policy that exported America’s resources to the world’s under-developed nations, resources that were often pillaged for individual benefit.

We remember that the United States is the only world power with little or no territorial aspirations. When it is necessary to fight our soldiers show up, defeat the enemy, bury our dead and go home. Americans are not conquerors.

As Trump restores America’s position of strength, I believe that the Democrat Party is marginalizing itself. Their current crop of masked rioters, inexperienced educators, paid zealots, cop haters and their narrow view of this country are creating a situation where progressive thinking is viewed as akin to totalitarian central control.

In a nation as diverse of ours, liberal Democrats are being repeatedly rejected by the nation’s voters. Trump’s lament of failed socialism before the UN also should be heeded at home.

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